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How would you design the next Panasonic GH camera?
  • If you could design the body outline of a new Panasonic GH camera what would it look like?

    Would it look like the current GH4, or more like the shape of a Canon C300? Would it incorporate the features of the YAGH? Must it be useable for both video and photography? Where would you put the functional buttons, the battery, main shutter/record switches, external outputs for HDMI, audio; where would you place the LCD/s? the evf? Battery? What features would be included on the body?

    All in all what would it look like? I'm sure Panasonic would be interested to know. Please show any kind of artwork, scribbles, CAD designs, wireframe outlines, together with discussion below;-

    P.S. It is pure Nick initiative, I or PV does not support it. We really like collaboration with Panasonic, but on different thing and of different kind. VK.

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  • Talking about GH3/4 little improvements: Headphone in and Hd out move little to front of camera to get more Lcd movement. All rest is OK and should be keep the same for future accesories compatibility. XLR in battery grip. Better AF and I will be very happy unless price increase again for same reason and please don't implement 8K yet :)

  • Can we please put the review button to a place accessible by the thumb? The gh2 was so convenient.

  • I mostly like the ergonomics of the GH3/4 body. There are some fiddly parts that I don't like or would change.

    The spin dial on the back is difficult to use. The right portion of the dial is a bit too recessed, but even if it were not, the "spin" function isn't very functional for me. Maybe it's just that my hands are large. I actually prefer the 4-button design of the GH2 for this control.

    It would be nice if Panasonic could bring back the push-button dial design for both the thumb wheel and finger wheel. I thought that function worked pretty well.

    It would be nice to make the thumb resting area slightly larger. Maybe it's an issue only because my hands are large.

    The camera needs to take both photos and video.

  • I think this is a dilemma for Panasonic. Panasonic doesn't need to change much the body of the GH line as still photography should always be a part of it. But on top of the GH line, I think they should create something new say GHV (V for video) and take the AF-100 body and shrink it a lil and put all the awesome features of the AF-100 and GH4 then add to it what ever new features for video the GH5 was gonna have and we will have have a killer product.

  • @HillTop1 +1 A "GHvideo" with built in NDs, a servo zoom and a form factor like the C300 would rock!

  • @driftwood

    I would start with the GH4 body but I would change the following things. For the most part I really like the body design and EVF of the GH4. The EVF of my GH3 is total cr@p though.

    1. I would include the Shutter Duration and Aperture duration dials from the LX100.

    2. I would allow all modes(Still and Movie) to utilize the Cinema-V and Cinema-D color profiles.

    3. I would change the Auto ISO logic in Program Priority mode for stills mode to match the new Stills from video mode. Stills mode still selects to slow of a shutter duration with Auto ISO and wide angle lenses.

    4. I would find a way to get 1080p @ 120 FPS to work. That is the ideal “realistic” frame rate because you can do slow motion with it or make it conform to 24p, 30p, and 60p without any interpolation. This would give us the ability to determine what final frame rate we were going to use even after we shot the footage.

    5. Add the Auto Mechanical/Electronic shutter switch from the LX100.

    6. I would improve the wireless features. Right now when I post to Facebook using the wireless it always puts the files into a “Mobile Uploads” folder. We really need it to post to a folder by the date that the images were created.

    7. There are numerous other changes that need to happen with the wireless. It really needs a complete over haul.

  • Built in ND!

    Something like the Fujinon nd p01 would awesome, but even regular built in nd's would be really nice.

  • Remember its BODY only design. All recommendations in our Questions to Panasonic have been given to them already. We will be receiving answers from Japan regarding some of them.

  • With all due respect, before even considering buying whatever next GH body it would be "nice to see" some caring (in the form of firmware updates - improvements - bug ironing) of the current line of bodies and lenses. It's by no means utopic, see Fuji example. I very well may be paranoid but regarding this neverending back and forth feedback I fail to grasp a REAL difference from programmed obsolescence and a refined (interactive) way of endorsing future products strategies =)

  • @maxr

    I am with Max here. I much more want to see progress on GH4 and real collaboration here.

    And I an fully against such "help" to Panasonic. This guys get their big salaries for this. Let's make them learn to use PV interface and google, at least. I am even against such topic now.

  • I hear what VK is saying. However, Panasonic delivered some very impressive new functionality in terms of their stills from video mode. It was mainly geared towards stills shooters but it gave us different aspect ratios for 4K video which no other camera offers.

    Panasonic is listening. However, they won’t make money if we stop buying new cameras. If all they ever do is update the old one and not create new cameras then they won’t last long as a camera business.

    Right now I do not intend to buy another camera after I get my LX100. However, if the GH5 had everything I listed above I would be tempted to buy it even though the GH4 does virtually everything I want it to do.

    I understand that we shouldn’t do their jobs for them for free. However, it is also up to us to try to capitalize on the advice we give them. If I can make enough money off of review videos and get them to make updates via firmware then I don’t see a problem with it.

    The new stills from video mode was GIGANTIC for my style of shooting. I know it doesn’t apply to everyone but it was definitely a really big deal for everyone who uses the camera as a hybrid shooter.

  • I cleared topic to keep it on point.

  • The body ergonomics are really great, but as others have said moving the input/output jacks into a position that allow the screen to continue to articulate would be preferable.

    I'm also not a fan of the recessed display toggle button on the palm area of the grip, that could move elsewhere.

    The video record button is also a bit awkward and would be better served by either a taller protrusion or more tactile feedback.

    The battery grip would be improved if the tripod screw was in line with the lens mount. They could make the bottom portion of the grip thicker to accommodate the depth of a tripod screw.

  • I think it should look like this:

    and cost $600. No Screen. Wifi Live-View only to tablets and Phones. Pogo Pin Interface connects to a HandGrip for Photo Usage with EVF/LCD Screen. Records 4K Apple Prores 422 to SDXC Cards, shoots DNG Raw Stills to SDXC Cards.

    Alternate "Video" pogo Pin interface adds HD-SDI outputs, XLR Mic Inputs and other "Big Boy Camera" functionality (Better EVF, LCD, TimeCode and other goodies), higher frame rates. CineForm Codec recorded onboard.

    Photo Pogo Pin Package costs $1000. Video Pogo Pin Package Costs $2000.

  • The new GH5 should use this tech (Micro Color Splitter) and (Organic Sensor)

    It should be really modular, the new YAGH should transform the GH5 in a C300 form factor.

    It could have a S35 sized sensor, when with M43 lenses the camera would automatically crop the sensor to the M43 size, and that should be also a option with other lenses.

  • For recording live events, the number one feature that I would like is four channels of 24 bit audio. This is a real pro feature and it is easily doable. Comes with a simple breakout cable; leave your recorder at home, finally.

    The number two feature would be a way of compressing the video using H265 so as to keep files down to a manageable size.

    Number three is wireless or wired TC sync among groups of cameras.

    Number four: IMHO, the color on GH cams is always off or even messed up. I would like a Macbeth color scanner in addition to the now seriously outdated WB. Just scan the card, then start filming.

    Nymber five: on board manual lens correction, ideally with DxO files, with the ability to upload profiles.

  • I would try the original card for a GH5 (and I like the GHV-ideo Idea) Let's be honest, even if the GH series delivered good photos, most people used it for video.

    I wouldn't mind at all that they try to separate a bit themselves from the "Photo" look and embrace a bit more the "Camera" look much like Canon has done with their C100-C500 series.

    As long they don't take the futuristic fancy and impracticable path black magic has taken with their 2.5 and 4K camera I say it's fine.

    Trying to recycle the AF-100 could also be a good idea.

  • Built-in NDs and and much improved yagh unit are all that's really needed. I'd love to see the GH4 in a cinema camera (AF100) form factor but it would cease to be a GH camera. The yagh unit should be battery powered and record 10-bit internally, with its own sd slot. Also it should integrated better with camera body form factor instead of looking like a giant power docking station.

  • I think they should make a grip accessory (along the lines of Sony's FS7), that is optimized for video. That way, the camera body can keep its great stills-oriented design, and the grip accessory could add video-oriented controls.

    (Dials for iris/ISO/shutter angle, fn buttons for focus peaking, zebras, punch AF. Maybe even a zoom rocker if such a lens is built, or an additional electronic follow focus for the current AF lenses.)

    The GH4 is not entirely ergonomic for video, but it is for stills. I'd hate for it to get optimized for video, only to loose its stills orientation. It's nice having "2-in-1", one great camera for both, rather than an AF400 and GH4 as separate cameras. Other than internal ND, and maybe global shutter, the GH4 has everything it needs to be a stellar video camera.

  • I don't think that the body design of the next GH-camera should be significantly different. Besides the mentioned above some good old GH features, in the next GH I'd like to see back the mini-HDMI type C port instead of micro type D (or even HDMI type A).

    However, the external YAGH module would perhaps benefit from more radical ergonomics changes to resemble a battery grip (with its own battery option).

    At the same, I would be interested in a hybrid photo-video camera with more modular design, instead of incorporating the features of the YAGH to a larger than GH4 camera body. While splitting the camera head from recorder module, as in new Varicam, is perhaps too complex and expensive, how about to make the EVF external/detachable, and or a detachable LCD-screen?

  • Screw HDMI. Or, at least add an SDI.

  • relocatable handle with cold shoes, xlr, and audio controls in it with rozette. mockup attached.

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  • I'm nearly over trying to get DSLR suited for video without a tinkertoy system of doodads attached to it... by the time one adds a 7Q, and a cage, and a follow-focus system, and a YAG, and a preamp, and an external battery - gah. Drop the frankenrig and get a real video camera.

  • I'm with some earlier posters - there's a few wrinkles yet to sort out with this camera.

  • I'd like to see a sensor with good low light performance and colour setup presets that are independent from the C1 C2 C3 settings presets. Also a proper log gamma and matching LUT for post production.