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GH2 - Still making beautiful work.
  • Hi everyone! I've been away for awhile - shooting commercial work with my newly acquired Sony CineAlta F3 on multiple projects since last Spring. Then I had the opportunity to shoot a couple of weddings this past August with our trusty light workhorse GH2's and wanted to share the incredible images still possible from this now almost forgotten discarded non 4K camera. Ha ha! IMO the image coming off the GH2 sensor is still pretty special. Shot with Lpowells completely stable flowmotion 2 settings on all cameras, this footage has very little colour correction, some adjusted exposure stuff, and no noise reduction applied. I used Pentax SMC Takumar glass for everything accept the steadicam shots (SLR Magic 12mm). Speedbooster on just one of the 4 cameras. Post was done in FCPX. We have many camera options at our disposal today - and I'm a huge fan of finding something that works for you and sticking with it to maximize it's potential regardless of whatever new toy comes out. I want to encourage everyone - that you can do your best work with what you already have! Just get out there and shoot, have fun, be respectful of others, and enjoy the journey. Cheers! Paul.

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  • @pchristoph I absolutely love your work!

    ...And you are so right!

    Thank you, too -to Personal-View

  • I'm not normally into watching wedding videos of people I don't know. But this one looked so great, I had to see the whole thing. Very nice look and shot exceptionally well. Love your work as well. Bravo!

  • @pchristoph very good work! have you used only a takumar 50mm in the static shots? framing is perfect :)

  • Such a simple and moving work, very far from the usual show off of most wedding videos. Excellent

  • @pchristoph Great work. I agree with @AlbertZ - the tight framing really works well. Too many wide shots in a lot of wedding videos. (Coincides with my theory on great moments in film often being close-ups on actors face - why not give weddings the same treatment as this properly shows the emotions of the day. Great work.)

  • Cheers all! I've really been trying to work harder on the art of 'seeing' and serving the story in front of me. @AlbertZ static shots were mostly from 50mm, 35mm, and 135mm at the ceremony. In the forest scenes we would sometimes tele-convert using the 35mm and 50mm lenses on two cameras as the action was happening too quickly to swap to longer focal lengths. Super handy on the GH2. @suzres I'd have to agree. I think at the end of the day it shows where one places their values.