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Tascam DR-70D, more and better
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    Main specs

    • SD/SDHC/SDXC card as recording medium (up to 128 GB)
    • High-quality recording inputs through Tascam original High Definition Discrete Architecture (HDDA) microphone preamps with NE5532 operational amplifiers for even higher audio performance.
    • Simultaneous recording of up to four channels is possible. Four channels can be mixed down to a stereo signal.
    • Recording levels can be adjusted independently
    • Dual recording function allows two files to be recorded simultaneously at different levels
    • 44.1/48/96 kHz, 16/24-bit, linear PCM (WAV format), Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) supported
    • Two built-in omnidirectional microphones
    • Four XLR/TRS combo inputs can provide phantom power (+24V/+48V)
    • +24 dBu maximum input level (20 dB headroom)
    • Additional unbalanced input for channels 1 and 2 (stereo mini jack) supports mics that require plug-in power
    • Switchable low-cut filter conveniently reduces low-frequency noise (40 Hz, 80 Hz, 120 Hz)
    • Switchable limiter to prevent clipping
    • High-quality audio can be output to a DSLR camera for recording
    • Camera input enables convenient monitoring of audio from a DSLR camera
    • Selectable mid-side decoding for use with MS microphone setups
    • Slate tone functions (automatic/manual) to simplify synchronization of video files when editing
    • Pre-recording function allows the unit to record the two seconds of sound before recording is activated

    Available at:

    800 x 294 - 38K
    800 x 357 - 40K
    800 x 416 - 46K
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  • Very interesting. But what price? Seems to me, this is designed to compete with the Zoom H6 - mics, number of xlr connectors and so on.

  • Very nice. I like the 60D, and two XLRs is enough for me, but the slimmer form-factor of this unit is very nice. I might pick this up if it's priced around $300 or less.

    Edit -- I wish Tascam would enable their devices as USB audio interfaces, especially on higher-end ones like this. I hate the Zoom H4n, but I really liked having that feature.

  • Thats a better form factor to mount on cam as well as handing it off to the sound guy

  • "High-quality audio can be output to a DSLR camera for recording" Anyone had much success with this with the first generation DR60? I haven't been able to do it well, I always sync in post.

  • So this is a premium version of the DSLR audio recorder concept with a cross-over feature set for bag work. Mic pres are newly designed.

    This is our first recorder that supports SDXC cards, max 128GB qualified so far.

    US price should be around $300, not sure if that's final yet though.

  • they also just released this -

    ...on a roll

  • Very interested. I can still return the 60d mkii. Everything sounds better Any news about battery life would be nice.

  • Wow! So many features are improvements on my DR-680. I love the individual levels for each track. Also, recording at multiple levels for each track to protect from clipping. I've really enjoyed my 680 but it's only a 6-track recorder really, and that's usually at least two more than I need. This thing seems fantastic.

  • Well damn, I've got a DR-60D but as usual there is always something so much better just around the corner! :-o

  • I wonder if the screen is the same size/quality as on the 60D, and what it displays.

  • Hmm. Too bad the running time is (still) quite short (with a new set of batteries - Like on the DR-60D). Especially with enabled phantom power it´s low on batteries quite fast. External Battery Plates / Adapters would be great (original from Tascam) - For Sony NPF for example.

    There´s only an AA Battery adapter and an AC Adapter available (as far as I can see). AND there´s no external DC port (2.5mm DC for example) - Just a MICRO (!) USB Port. Also the AC adapter is using that one for powering the unit -.- (Quite stupid in my opinion.)

  • I reckon you can use a usb powerbank to power the unit.

    Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 11.48.18 pm.png
    657 x 510 - 110K
  • Using a USB power bank is a great idea for use on the DR60 so i'm sure its the same here. It makes battery life great and can be recharged anywhere.

  • Sure. You can use a powerbank. But WHY is the DR-70D using a micro USB port? Why not at least the Mini Type-B (like on the DR-60D) - Or the even more stable standard USB Type-B ... It´s the same like with the HDMI ports - Micro is the new standard on (nearly) every new camera body. =/

    In general I am quite happy with the DR-60D (Mk-1) for example - Nice small recorder (with good features). But the power solution is quite annoying there too. (Also only USB power is possible.) Though: At least it´s using the Mini Type-B Port (not the way more unstable micro edition). A HUGE pro for the DR-60D (also Mk-ii). At least for me ^^.

  • As a 4 channel recorder this one is comparable to the zoom h6, which one do you think is better?

  • @giuliobottinigiuliobottini: I would get the Zoom H6 ^^.

    Sure - It´s more expensive (H6 over DR-60D). But it has a WAY longer battery life (which is essential in field) - And you can also use it with external USB batteries (like the DR-60D through the Mini USB port - Thank god no micro port there either ^^). But even on batteries it´s running multiple times as long as the DR-60D (at least compared to the Mk-1 which I use quite often). And it´s not suffering THAT extreme from using phantom powered external mics - That´s sucking the DR-60 empty like hell =/. Though don´t forget to use GOOD batteries / rechargeable batteries (!)

    The Mk-2 (DR-60D) is maybe better now. It´s coming with a few bugfixes (better XLR ports and updated potis - And for sure a few other points). But as it seems like it´s basically the same unit like the Mk-1, the battery life is also a problem there (for sure). And on the other hand you can also use the H6 with the different add-on mics. I also like the fact, that you can even use it WITHOUT any add-on mic - So you can choose freely: Do you want to use it just as an external recorder (with phantom power for example) - Or do you need one of the multiple add-on mics (directly on the unit) ^^. Also reduces the risk of damages on the mics (as you can remove them if you don´t need them).

  • BH Photo is predicting it to be in stock on Nov 10th... looking forward to first reports!

  • Adorama has them in stock now

  • I have had bad experiences with tascam stuff it always seems to be faulty. I think the price is so low because they are just cheap chinese made plastic crap. Sounds great when it does work though!

  • I have had bad experiences with tascam stuff it always seems to be faulty. I think the price is so low because they are just cheap chinese made plastic crap. Sounds great when it does work though!

    I really do not think it is useful post and is good for PV. This is exactly that we want to avoid (meaningless generalization and words ala "cheap chinese made plastic crap").

    Can you provide exact facts, and in separate topic, please, until you already used DR-70?

  • Anyone know if the channel gain knobs are stepless, or stepped like on the DR-60D? If they're stepless, that might be the deciding factor that'll make me buy this thing.