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GH2 Long Recording Problems
  • Hello I hope to use my GH2 for recording long takes (Between 4hrs and 7hrs).
    I have done some tests at 4hrs on a Transcend 64GB Class 10 card. (Card was reformatted prior to recording)
    Recording at 24p FSH (Unhacked GH2) AVCHD
    Using a powerpack.

    When I look at the recorded files there are a few dropped or corrupted frames at the beginning of each 4GB section.
    Has anyone else come across this problem? I thought the camera was supposed to handle spanning without any problems on an unhacked GH2?
    I am doing a test on a sandisk Class10 32 GB card presently to see if the card is the problem.
    Any suggestions would be welcomed as this puts an stop on my current project.

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  • A bit of an update.
    Seems like converting the MTS files in Clipwrap or 5DtoRGB tends to create some problems at joining points when trying to re join the separated 4.26 gb files (around 25mins40 secs) in FCP7.
    I tried importing the files straight from the card in FCPX and so far no visible problems in the join. Will attempt another longer test to confirm later.
  • Same in Premiere Pro, it'll import the files as one single clip without problems. Seems NLEs know how to handle this, while converters don't.
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