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FS: 2 GH3s - 1 mint & 1 a bit more used, though serviced and cleaned by Panasonic
  • They are NTSC U.S. GH3s. The one with more use I would like to sell for $750 shipped within the US. The second one that is in near mint I will sell for $850 shipped. The one for $750 did go to Panasonic and got a clean up. Everything works just fine on both.

    Will consider international sales, though shipping can be pricey.


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  • Might be willing to negotiate is anyone is on the fence :)

  • Well considering the price drop they are about to go through, it's going to be a tough sell on either of them at that price.

  • @tylerknight what "price drop" do you speak of?

  • new deal option w/ lens, batteries and charger!!

    2 GH3 Bodies - fully working order - mostly used for video, 1 14-140mm Pany lens - 1st gen, recently serviced by Pany, always had UV filter on it (and will include it), 2 batteries (off brand, but work great), 1 charger.

    $1550 shipped in the US

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