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DIY gear
  • Hello i´m starting this thread for those interesting in DIY gear can post some useful advices and their own DIY equipment
    (speccially @bkmcwd :) and his lovelly DIY glidecam)

    well here is mine snorricam, really straightforward (i don´t think i should place any instructions :P),
    -2 wood surfaces (one square for the back and a circled one for the front (diameter must be at least a third of the entire lenght of the camera arm, to make a stable triangle))
    -3 velcro strips
    -2 elastic bands (optional)
    -arm from a security camera (this one is the trick, in fact i actually manage to find an arm that can be extended by adding other tubes (look at the second picture, those are two different tubes, so this is a matter of looking in the stores the one most suitable))
    -and screws

    video (the weight and design doesn´t bother at all):

    pics (as you can tell in the third picture, is really portable; and as you can tell in the first picture, i´m really fat hahahah):
    2030 x 944 - 924K
    4752 x 3168 - 6M
    slim design.JPG
    4752 x 3168 - 6M
    4752 x 3168 - 6M
    4752 x 3168 - 7M