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External Shutter Trigger Circuit for GH2?
  • Is there a difference between the way the remote shutter is triggered in the GH2 and Canon cameras.

    The reason I ask is because I have purchased a focus stacking rail made by and can't seem to get it to trigger the GH2 shutter remotely.
    The description of the output of the stacking rail electronics is: trigger output is a "low side driver" (switches in grond). THis means that when the shutter trigger ouptut fire it connects the center conductor of the output jack to the outside connector to draw current throught the center conductor." In other words it uses an open drain output to trigger the camera.

    If the GH2 fucntions differently can you describe the methodoloy. I am electronics savy and could figure out a conversion ciruit, but first need to know what I need to convert to. Thanks
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  • Very interesting. Anybody who owns such a device can confirm it also works in movie mide? Would be nice to have an external record button that starts audio recording as well.
  • A $5 shutter release from eBay will start video recording when in video mode. The downside is that there is no way to use an external mic when using a shutter release (no, splitters won't work and neither will unplugging the cable and plugging the mic in after recording has begun).
  • Another reason to get an ext audio recorder.