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Using a GH13 and a GH2 on the same project
  • Any tips for using these cameras on the same project?
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  • GH1 ISO calibration is 2/3-stop lower than GH2. For example:
    GH1 ISO 100 = GH2 ISO 160

    On GH1, use ISO 100-400, 800 only if desperate.
    On GH2, use ISO 160-800, 1600 only if desperate.

    Use the same Film Modes on both cameras:

    Smooth: Contrast -2; Sharpness 0; Saturation 0; Noise Reduction -2
    White Balance: sun

    Nostalgic: Contrast -2; Sharpness 0; Saturation -2; Noise Reduction +2
    White Balance: 2700K M-4

    To match the quality of an unhacked GH2, the GH1 needs a 35-55Mbps hack.
    To match the quality of a hacked GH2, the GH1 needs a 75-100Mbps hack.

  • What kind of project? I've been using them both for documentation gigs, the major hickup is the lack of 25p on the GH2, I have to shoot in 720p50 or 1080i on the GH2 for easiest conversion, still it's not at smooth in post as I'd want it to.

    None of this necessarily has to be an issue though, depending on the project.

    Matching the footage color-wise can be a bit of a hassle and the difference is obvious when it comes to noise / mud. Downscaling 1080p footage might give a bit of leverage when it comes to handling the noise / mud of the gh1 - but also for increased sharpness. But this also depends on how well the footage needs to match. Mind, there are also pretty big differences in how different lenses perform on each of the cameras, in my experience. For instance, my 35mm ssc f2.0 looks brilliant on the gh1 but distinctly un-exciting on the gh2. Likewise, my 50mm f1.4 c-mount canon looks a bit too soft on the gh1 but just perfect on the gh2. In other words: if you want similar looking footage you're better off using a softer lens on the gh2.

    IMO, the differences are mainly down to the sharper image of the gh2.
  • "To match the quality of an unhacked GH2, the GH1 needs a 35-55Mbps hack.
    To match the quality of a hacked GH2, the GH1 needs a 75-100Mbps hack."

    IMO you cannot match the quality of GH2 footage with the GH1, regardless of the bitrate. The noise handling is so distinctly different, for one thing.
  • The GH1 looks great at 42 Mbps. Higher bit rates on the GH2 can lead to more noise along with stability and import issue. True they are tricky to match I feel its because there is more noise in the greys on a GH2, which also makes it look sharper. I just wrapped a 6 day shoot with 2 GH1's and a GH2. The GH2 was hacked at 66Mbps and it produced allot of noisy images in the grey scale. Several of which I could not use as there was way to much noise to match the GH1's.
  • Thanks for all the replies!! We are going to shoot some bands on a studio, like the the program "From the basement"
    I actually don't remember which patch is installed on my GH1, I think it's a moderate one, around 50Mbps
  • A good way to get around footage matching problems would be to have distinctly different pictures on each camera. For instance, only do tele shots (close ups, details) with the gh1 and wide shots with the gh2..
    Sure, there's still temperature differences in the colors (even with careful matching) but you can then direct the cameras in such a way that the differences are less noticeable for the viewer.

    Rigs: I'm a bit surprised that you find the gh2 noise troublesome in comparison.. I think the types of noise grain is very different and gh1 noise is a lot more disturbing for my eye. But then again, I have no idea what you shot, how you shot and how you plan to use the footage so.. I'm not going to argue against you. :)
    Maybe you were just talking about the differences in noise (if you mainly shot with the gh1) - in which case we agree.
  • @rigs "The GH2 was hacked at 66Mbps and it produced allot of noisy images in the grey scale. Several of which I could not use as there was way to much noise to match the GH1's. "

    This doesn't make any sense. There's no way a new camera with a better sensor and processing would produce more noise. I think there's something else coming into play here. I'm getting almost no noise at all with my GH2...
  • Footage matching example:
    GH1: 100Mbps Max Latitude Patch Native 24p FHD
    GH2: 66Mbps AQ2 Patch 24H

    Crypt in Shade GH1.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
    Crypt in Shade GH2.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
  • Wow, the GH2 looks so clean in the shadows compared to the GH1...
  • Yep, those frames were shot at high ISO with ND filters. GH1 can't match the GH2 in shadow noise.
  • Im not out to slam the GH2 or stir anything further and I wish my findings where not true. But we are on our 4th GH2 the first three have all had the same grainy noise issues. We have filmed a ton of stuff over the last 5 months with the GH1x2 and GH2 and have had the same unfavourable results. This production was all exterior scenes, with all cameras set at low iso 100/160, smooth film mode at -2,-2,0,-0. 1/50 shutter, usual about f1.8 - 4.5. Glass was a variety of Lumix lenses and good ND filters. I have used a variety of patches for the GH2 and still no better results. Maybe we keep getting a bad batch of GH2's here in Canada. I sure wish it wasn't so. The GH2 should be better then the GH1 in all repects. Unfortunately I can't post any images from my commercial work, I will try to post some personal samples in another thread shortly.
  • @LPowell Thanks for the samples. That was always my Pet Peeve with CMOS cameras. The shadows are always smoothed over and lacking detail. I would first notice it on leaves (I always thought it was a green color thingy). But since VK started hacking this camera it has not been an issue at all.
  • Going to shoot a wedding with 2Gh2+1Gh1, mostly indoor. @Lpowell what would be on GH1 matching well with Flow Motion V2.02 on Gh2? Your suggestion would be helpful.