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GH2 field dominance
  • Hi, I had some problem with the SD so during production of a short movie I switch from HBR to Manual Movie Mode (1080i fsh). My question is, HBR if interlaced or progressive? When i play the videos, HBR video seems to be Progressive, that cause me some confusion. If I look in to the file with some tool (mediainfo) i found that all file from gh2 are interlaced Top field first.

    I have to mix the footage with the recording from GOPRO that is Progressive, than I'll need to finalize the work for TV (pal) but also I'll need progressive. What is the best workflow? I'm using Avid.

    Bye, thanks Federico

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  • HBR is progressive in an interlaced 'wrapper' known as PsF format. The other modes are interlaced.

  • So, HBR is progressive? What is the best method to deinterlace the rest of the clip? There's a way to uniform all the material, making all progressive? Thanks

  • I think you should search for the GH2 manual online. It has all the info you need for the camera modes. 24fps=progressive HBR=progressive All other AVCHD modes= interlaced. You can de-interlace footage with most good editing software or try mpeg streamclip (Mac) or other conversion software. You will need to do a search for video converters with the features you need. There is no one simple solution.

  • HBR video files are progressive, but cannot be distinguished from interlaced FSH files. A video editor must either guess at the proper format, or you may have to manually set each HBR file as progressive in your video editor.