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Small and lightweight zoom for S35 with good focal range?
  • Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a zoom that covers S35 with an f/stop of about 2.8 (ideally fixed) that would be small and lightweight more or less in the range of something like 20-85mm and/or 35-120mm.

    I hope to avoid still lenses for mechanical reasons and also to get that "warmth" and organic nature one might get from older cine lenses. I might consider older still lenses that are all manual and have good mechanics.

    Versatility, size and weight are my major concerns. I'm not trying to find optical perfection here. In fact imperfections (low corner sharpness, flaring, etc.) are welcomed as I prefer older glass with digital capture anyways if it gives me good center sharpness.

    Modern cine zooms are huge and bulky and expensive and I'm not looking to rent. That's why I've been thinking about older lenses mostly. Ideally something that could be converted to EF mount. Flexible budget depending on the lens.

    I've been digging the net for some days now and I've come mostly empty handed. Only option I found was this small 1kg Optar 25-80 T3.4 but I was hoping to widen my options. (

    Any suggestions?