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Sony NEX 5N Problem with settings reset upon battery change
  • Does your Nex 5N have trouble retaining Picture profile, iso, and autofocus, among other setup settings when you change the battery?

    Two US models both purchased in California from best buy seem to exhibit this problem - never seen this problem on any other DSLR or pro/amateur compact camera.

    Try setting your color profile, then changing the battery - or autofocus modes for instance.

    When you start the camera back up, all the settings went back to default.

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  • And why this is serious problem? And it is in General and News caategory (until I moved it)?

    Can you store settings to predefined sets on 5N?
  • There seems to be no way to do that - every other camera I have ever used lets me maintain my profile settings. This doesn't retain any settings so I have to start fresh every time I change the battery and adjust like 15 settings.