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Short Film shot on a GH3 and a Red Epic - Mr Torquay's Holiday
  • Hello all, my short narrative film, shot on a GH3 and a Red Epic (last year), having done a number of festivals and screenings is now available to watch online Its also in competition at the Encounters Film Festival Sept 19th 2014 in Bristol, UK.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts! Please give it a like via vimeo if you err... like it!

    I recommend listening with headphones!!!

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  • Love they way you build up the tension. How could I miss this one. Great work!

  • Why did you mix in a GH3 with it?

  • I shot 2 days with a decent sized crew, Epic on loan, cinema lenses on loan etc, then did a day of pickups, reshoots and extra stuff with the GH3 with me and the actor, plus one assistant. Worked out about 40% GH3 in the end. Most of the stuff in the room is Epic, most of everything else (hallway, looking out to Garden, in the garden etc) is GH3.

  • Another short I was DoP (but didn't direct) on recently was this little bittersweet comedy, done in a friends flat shot over a series of weekends. All shot on GH3/4 (i bought the GH4 part way through). Used vintage lenses (FDs and FF58) plus SLR magics.

  • That was really nice. Great acting too.