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Is this Video Utilizing Slow Motion?
  • In this housing walk through video, there are several shots where the user seems to be panning on a slider very slowly or utilizing slow motion. I am having a difficult time discerning exactly what technique they are using. For example in this snippet from the video the pan is very smooth and slow, but the trees in the kitchen window seem to be moving at a normal speed. This example is 11 seconds into the video

    I was hoping someone here could clarify if this video appears to be using slow motion or not, and if so what FPS they are likely using. Thank you

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  • This can be, and most definitely is, done with a slider. The motorized sliders let you get those super slow smooth slides.

  • The shot you're talking about is just using a slider and pushing it slowly as you stated. They're not panning by the way, just using a normal slider. (The editor probably should have cut it a split second sooner as you can see the shot shake right as it goes to the next shot too).