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Trailer for my SF-short "I wish my life"
  • Hello guys,

    I'm making a trailer for my shortfilm. I don't think it's very easy because, the short is only 15 minutes.. and i want to make a trailer with not to much spoilers (yeah duh!! i know :P but it's difficult because it is already a short movie)

    You guys probably didn't see my short film, so you are neutral public. Are you guy's (and girls) interested in seeing this short after seeing the trailer? And are there any tips, suggestions to make the trailer better?

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  • I like it and would be interested in seeing the short. Maybe giving us a bit more about the plot in the trailer would be good, but I could be wrong here. Looks and sounds great. Would be interested in any info that you may want to share on production (sets, cams, lenses, lighting, actors workflow and rehearsal, etc.). Congrats - really well done.

  • Hey Matt, thank you.

    We used a Sony F3 (with Slog update) and 3 compact prime lenses (18mm, 50mm, 85mm) This for 85% of the film. The other 15% we filmed with a GH3 (12-35mm f2.8) In this trailer are 3 GH3 shots: from 39 to 41 seconds, from 50 to 52 seconds, from 53 tot 55 seconds. The rest is F3.

    I did al the gh3 shots with 1080P50, all the F3: 180P25

    Lighning: 3 led spots (100watt), 1 hmi: 1.8kw (we used this almost for every shot), 1 led panel (And we had som red heads, a blondy, etc)

    the préproduction went very well. I had seen some locations and all the inhabitants wanted to cooperate. The actors I met once before filming. On the set they where very cooperative, I did always stick with my planning (no overworking), so that helped. Actors like that. And sometimes they did't really agree with me (the actrice didn't like her clothes and some other things), but they always did what I asked. Most of the time we where on 1 line. Very nice people.

    Well, my english isn't really good, so I hope you can follow what a I'm saying :D

  • Am I the only one having trouble loading the video? I'd like to see your trailer but it won't load on my chrome.

  • Thanks for sharing production information. Looking forward to watching the film - please let us know when it's available to watch.

  • Looks good. I like the girl and would consider marrying her on the spot. My criticism is that this trailer doesn't clearly convey the story. I got: Pretty girl with nice boyrfiend gets kidnapped by badguys and has her eye zapped. That's not enough for me. I need a little more story info to make this trailer awesome IMO.

  • haha :D Thanks.

    Yeah, maybe you're right. But it's a short and i really don't want to spoil anything. Maybe I have to add something to the trailer yes. gonne try that!

  • Seems like a tough call. I kinda get sense of her memories...then that triggers idea that there's something more to her...then when she's taken and zapped and futuristic bracelet key used to open door, I think there's some kind of evil power group (private or government) that she's been involved with in the past who now want her back. So maybe story IS subtly implied...but I may also experiment and try creating one with a bit more of the story more obviously revealed. Doing that will act as test for you to see exactly what the right amount of story to reveal is. BTW this is really quite good. Thanks for sharing.