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Benefits to 280MB/s SD cards for GH2 (or other camera) users?
  • Anyone know if there's any benefit to those 280 MB/s SD cards for GH2(or other camera) users? I've been using the Sandisk 64GB 95MB/s without much trouble, but wondered if the faster 280 MB/s cards might increase the possibility for in-camera playback on settings/patches that sometimes don't playback on the 95 MB/s cards? Any other benefits to these 280 cards? Thanks.

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  • I've got one of the Extreme Pro 280 (64Gb).

    I should probably do a lot more testing to see how it compares to other cards (based on the reporting of others - as it's the only 'high level' SDXC I have). I did have an issue with Moon T8 (24H) spanning, but I think it was down to me not formatting in camera first.