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Steve Jobs Dead
  • Sad news about Steve Jobs. No rumours it seems... this was on Apple's main site just seconds ago, with a picture of him and The Guardian web site, then Apple took it down? its back up... The world will sadly miss him. RIP
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  • Sad news... I just saw the news come through..
  • I almost cried.
  • HUGE part of my life I remember lusting after the 1st MacIntosh I saw in my local Sam Ash Music store. The music sequencing software and Mac setup was such a huge part of the technology boom in music. I remember being so pumped when he came back to Apple and all the great things he did since. He'll be missed.
  • Regardless of his genius, 56 is no age to go. The man has left an awesome legacy.
  • Unfortunately, when its your time to go its your time to go at 56 or 26. Just live your life like today might be your last and follow the dreams and passions of your heart because those were God given. Live your life for yourself and for no one else. I sure Steve did.
  • I'm grateful he created an alternative to Windows. :) - His visionary style will certainly be missed.
  • @stonebat
    I've been linking that video all over FB. It's awesome.
  • "Stay hungry. Stay foolish."

    That's what we already are. Right? Luckily we have the hungry mushroom guy, too.
  • Did you notice that nearly everyone that spoke at the iPhone 4S keynote messed up their lines several times each? When I watched it I was amazed, and chalked it up to it not running as smoothly since Steve was no longer there. Now I realize they all probably knew Steve was a day or two from death and they weren't able to get it out of their minds.
  • "Here’s to the crazy ones. The rebels. The troublemakers. The ones who see things differently. While some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do." RIP Steve.
  • The definitive documentary about the rise of the PC, featuring Jobs and Gates. This was just after Jobs was fired from Apple and the bitterness shows on occasion. It's a good counterpoint to show how fast things can change and how Jobs went from fired to savior in just a few years.

  • iSad, iGreaved, iCried
  • He has proven that a single person can change the world – without an army. Should make us proud of a fellow human.

    And his death shows our limitations as humans. He had enough money to pay the best doctors in the world, and it couldn't save him. Should make us humble.
  • This news made me cry when I woke up. One of the biggest visionaries of our time. His influence can not be underestimated and his contribution to the personal computer world may never be forgotten.

    We will miss you Steve.
  • His creations began befor Macintosh. With Steve Wozniak, they created the Apple II, which was a great actual step in micro computing (earlier in France, we had the Micral, but who remenber it ?).

    In the time, I was a happy user of Apple II, both at work for professional use and at home as a hobby and for games.
  • I will remember Steve because he showed that there is a place for perfectionists, even in the world of technology—a very tough place to be in. You can bring something different to any field. Steve saw potential in the world of technology to meld it with the arts. Seeing potential for change in any field, that's what Steve is to me.
  • +1 John. Steve was quite a modern Renaissance man
  • Sad day.
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  • My friend who works at Apple sent me the attached photo of the rainbow which appeared over Steve Jobs' office in Cupertino, CA -- the day after Steve died.

    His final "reality distortion field"? ;-)

    RIP Steve. As a user and owner of Apple products since 1983, and former Apple employee (long ago & far away), a most sincere thank you.
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  • Thats amazing.
  • Steve , RIP, we will miss you.
    A visionary man, ahead in time, legend ...