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Need Davinci Resolve Lite 9.0.4 Mac .dmg
  • I'm need Davinci Resolve Lite 9.0.4 as its the last version that runs stable on OSX 10.6.8. I want to convert the raw files from BMPCC and can't upgrade the OS because of other hard- and software (and because I want an OS I can work with;-).

    Has anybody still that .dmg or .zip and can upload it for me to some file sharing platform please?


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  • You can find all old versions of Davinci Resolve Lite for download on Blackmagic's support page.

  • @cantsin Ok, link please.

    I only found Resolve Lite 10 on the BM page.

  • Igooooorrrr!!!! What resolve lite versions for mac do we have in the deep of the rat room arquival and torture chamber?... No imbecil, pass the dry blonde head, the layers' infinite-hell aparatus, over the pile of swiss naughty nurses mags, next to the squeeky toy collection.
    - Master, me find this:


    Interested in any @Psyco?

    In any case here's the 9.1.6 link!2tIByKza!ykKeArwlVaSnz8SxHvRb8rX2wz79mL0Uo3AlV9nqsh8

  • @maxr Thanks a lot!

    I downloaded Resolve 9.1.6 and tried it: It works on my Mac Pro with OSX 10.6.8 and it can read/convert the BMPCC raw files :-)

    Only downside: It takes quite some time to start (it does not play very well with 10.6.8) and I haven't tried many functions to see if it crashes.

    So, if somebody still has Resolve 9.0.4 somewhere.... please let me know.

  • Yeah thanks @maxr and thanks Igooooorrrr

  • Hi Guys, I'm looking for the 9.1.6 version of davinci lite. I'm stuck on an os x 10.7.5. But if you guys know where i can download this i'd love to get it from you guys. The link no longer works.

    Thanks guys.

  • The link no longer works.

    The obedient eunucs working inside safari made you believe that, but the link works perfectly both in chrome and firefox ,-)

    Igooooorrrr stop playing with that pussy, has been dead for weeks now!!

  • @maxr Would it be possible for you to send me a link to download DaVinci_Resolve_Lite_10.0b3_Mac my video card won't support 11, or 12. Had 10 but for some reason can't find it on my drives I would greatly appreciate it Max

  • Hey Trackzy, 4 you the moon brother!!
    Not close from Igor's vault, but found an aponic link; legit, tested =)
    DR 10.1 OSX full version -

    Direct link DRL 11.2 OSX

  • @maxr Thank you soo much my Brother really appreciate the quick link downloading right now and going to install. Just in case this version don't work on my system is there any chance we can find Version 10.0b3 I know for a fact that one works with my card, I'll keep you posted.

  • @maxr Just tried it.. it's the full install would need a dongle for this version.

  • You're right mate, seems I rushed, legit but full version... and I really don't have access to my soft's vault ExHDs

  • @maxr Alright no problem appreciate the help..

  • Sorry Trackzy for the letdown... anyway, I sent an email to Blackmagic support, let's see if they care ;-) {meanwhile elevator music}

    Hi there BM staff
    I would like to ask if it's possible to get ahold of an older version of Davinci Resolve Lite 10 for Mac.
    The truth, it's not even for me personally; I'm user of a forum called Personal View where your products are extensively discussed and looked upon and where some users have been looking for that particular (and DRL 9) piece of software.
    Despite this movement carries a zero $ transaction, it has its value and I would happy and gratefully love to be able to say you guys helped us out :-)
    Thank you


    case someone is drifting and happens to be willing to try the critical mass' theory

  • @maxr thanks for all the help Max definitely gonna try the Blackmagic email..

  • @maxr I found it took took some digging :)

  • @jleo that's the full version compadrito, OP asks for lite, me did same miss_take with v10 for TZ :P
    It's beyond my understanding that there are no lite versions around, not even in the {Bela Lugosi mood} p2p/torrent world....!!!
    @TrackZillas glad 4 you, maybe it's not a bad idea to upload it to mega or somethin' and leave here a link, for other users to be able to DL it in the bright future ahead of us =)

  • @maxr For sure will do that right now..

  • If anyone looking for Davinci Resolve Version 10.0b3 here is a link to download enjoy :)!8chjkYrI!4bPaGhKj0H-nIPYFrezDkIEmmmuuH4vT6OXahAV-1dw

  • @TrackZillas super!!
    Meanwhile BM replied, links and answer below:
    DaVinci Resolve Lite 10.1.5 Win

    DaVinci Resolve Lite 10.1.5 OSX


    As DaVinci Resolve Lite is a free application we do not host legacy versions of it on the support page of our website. The oldest available version of Resolve Lite is 10.1.5 which can be downloaded from the support page of our website.

    like they say, more clear "water"... yet I could not resist and nag (gently) just a little bit more:

    Much appreciated {name of BM'S staff} (nice name), this is already of help.
    Nevertheless may I ask if it's there other place - not being the support
    page of your website - where one could download older versions of
    DaVinci Resolve Lite?

    BTW I could not stress enough how great your software is, and how
    cool of you guys releasing a full operational version for free =)

    Thanks so much for your time
    All good

    Igooorrr!!! Have you been again disassembling the neighbor's babies?!!

  • If you looking for Davinci Resolve 9.0.1 go to link below

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