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GF1 patch suggestions for progressive 1080
  • Hello,
    I owned the gf1 for a year and decided yesterday it was time to hack the firmware and get fullHD on it. I spent a lot of time looking through the patches available, tips, how to use the ptool and went through a hacked firmware update successfully.

    Here is what I'm after:
    I am a visual effects artist and wanted to shoot 1080 progressive 24 fps using the fantastic 20mm pancake lens and planning to do tracking and augment the shots with visual effects of some kind. I don't need fast action shooting and am aiming to keep things as progressive as possible at the highest res possible (I'll breakdown the footage into individual frames which I can run on houdini and maya later).

    I'm not fully clear whether 1080p 24fps is indeed achievable on the gf1, any help and suggestion on this or potentially the next best option for progressive frames at the highest resolution would be much appreciated.

    Also little help on how to enable fullHD and choice of format once the fimrware is installed would be appreciated too

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  • Look at GH1 patches.

    And if camera is unable to shoot in certain mode any hack won't help.
  • thanks for getting back to me, what I find confusing is that I keep reading old posts on several forums and videos about achieving1080 res for the gf1 (1.3 years old), but more recent posts deny it.

    Then I found the gop3 ver2 patches where the anamorphic indeed outputs the video at 1920x810 whereas the non anamorphic sticks to a lower resolution.

    Would it make sense to use the GF1 anamorphic patch at 1920x810 to achieve the highest possible res and then stretchit back with a video editing software to fullHD?

    As there are no manuals and no clear once-for-all post on the argument it is quite difficult to figure out what is the best patch for my camera.

    Lastly I found a little bug (perhaps known?): the camera forgets the manual settings exposure mode everytime is turned off. The workaround is to go to the menu and select an exposure mode everytime the camera is turned on.

  • As I recall there was a pseudo 1080p patch for GF1 that wound up looking more like upsampled 720p than native 1080p.

    I have both a hacked GF1 as well as a hacked GH2 and while the former's 720p 30p doesn't look quite as good as the latter's 1080p 24p or 720p 60p, the hacked GF1 running LPowell's Fast Action GOP3 patch is capable of pro quality video. Certainly for any web only job, the GF1 is well up to the task.