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Should I update my GH3 FW if I want to be able to use any potential future hacks?
  • Hello, I have a GH3 (USA model) body running firmware version 1.0.0. If there is ever a GH3 hack released, is it likely be incompatible with the current firmware 1.2.0 (correct me if I'm wrong about the current version #)?

    I'm trying to decide whether to hold off updating the firmware on this camera body. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • Always update your firmware. Lens and Body. Unless there's a known issue, but that's highly unlikely.

    Don't worry about the hypotheticals.

  • Not sure there are any hacks in the pipe line for the GH3, at least for the near future. As with the GH2 hacks, you can jump back in firmware with any issues... if thats any indication of the hackability of the GH3. I'd upgrade your camera and enjoy the improvements.

  • Update camera to most modern official firmware vs keep compatibility with hack that may never exist...

    Seriously? Update your camera already. :)