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Hacked GH2 - and some dumb newbie questions.
  • A real newbie scenario here, and I’m hoping you’ll forgive my naivety.

    I’ve hacked my GH2. I did it a few times, I struggled a little as I have a mac, but have a bunch of hacks on the card, and the camera updated. I’m now at the experimentation phase.

    I’m using a Sandisk 32gb card/95 mbs

    I chose a random few hacks, for no particular reason. And many thanks to the particular authors of the hacks for the hard work.

    The hacks I have are :

    Driftwood 244m GOP1

    Driftwood 132m GOP3_AQ2

    Driftwood 176m_GOP1_NOAQ

    44m GOP12_AG4


    something by @kae for 1080/24pH GOP3

    Now- dumb questions time. Forgive me…

    Where are they on the camera ? How do I locate the specific hacks ? Under which menu/location?

    Do the hacks now reside in the camera, or on the SD card. i.e. can I scrub the SD card when it is full and will my hacks remain on the camera, or does the SD card always have to have the GH2__V10 file.

    I’m primarily interested in upping the bit rate and the quality, seeing how I fare with the GH2, alongside to my larger camcorder (the AGAC 160). Matching the nitrates between the cameras, if I can find the settings, would be ideal.

    But seeing what I have hacked, and controlling how I select the variables I’ve installed, is a bit of a mystery.

    Many thanks.

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