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12mm f/1.6 Noktor
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  • @Vitaliy
    If you can test this girl, do it! For free? So much the better :-)!!
  • That lens has a real unique character. It kind of has an old school film look to it IMO. I don't have the proper words to describe what it looks like to me, but that's how it made me feel.
  • this sebfarges video is good, but there is strange vignetting in some shots at 1.6 and 2 that isn't there on others at the same aperature, and there look like changes in exposure, maybe he is using idynamic, or post color corrrection?
    edit: could also be from a fader nd sliding around maybe? I have only used matte box nd filters, don't know if that sort of thing happens with a fader
  • Someone theorized that this is a 25mm f1.4 lens with a 0.45x wide-angle adapter built in.

    What do you think?
  • Looks great to me. I don't even care about what was built in. $400?
  • the bokeh on this lens is amazing.
  • seems like a nice lens, but the vignetting is big and also, when he points directly to the sun we can see a reflection from the yellow band that is in the front of the lens, wich ain´t good either, how much does this cost?
  • It seems the vignetting is due to his fader ND, not big enough. This is normal for such a wide lens. It will be at $ 500. I have the same concern for the green front as most of the time for video people will be using filters so perhaps should communicate to the manufacturers about the green front before production. They will have another with black or silver I think was mentioned.
  • @danyyyel

    Manufacturers said that they have black version.
    I do not know who adviced them green, most probably they got it from Noktor 50mm.
  • Part 2, night test from Seb Farges

  • mmm $500 seems overpriced to me to something that has that amount of vignetting, but i do like the sharpness, the wideness and fasteness of this lens,

    ap and also the smooth focusing is nice
  • Noktor lenses look very much like the CCTV lenses that a company called Goyo Opticals in Japan makes. In fact, if you compare the Noktor 50mm with the Goyo 50mm, the lenses look like two peas in a pod, except that the Noktor has been dressed up with a lime green strip.

    Not the sharpest lenses in my opinion, and if you gonna blow $1k on the 50mm, there are many many legacy primes out there that you can buy with that money.
  • $500 does seem a bit steep for an SLR Magic lens. However the strong vignetting is from the ND filter used by Seb. Not from the lens.
    I would rather buy the Oly 12mm for $200 more. It would probably hold its value a lot better as well.
    However this lens does seem to look more .. hmm filmic??
    Not a bad time to be a m43 user in search of lens choices :)
  • You can find the Kowa 25mm f/1.6 for less than $100. Add a $20 WA adapter and a $10 c-mount to m4/3 adapter and voilà, you got that p.o.s. Noktor 12mm f/1.6, for less than 1/4 of their asking price. It's magic, SLR magic! :)
  • Great lens, 12mm and 1.6 , also very good quality of image.
    Noktor is getting serious ...
    Noktor != Notkon ?! :-)
    I think the glass quality is much better than a CCTV lenses ...
  • Most of the 0.45x WA in the market are only 0.7x. If you know of a true 0.45x adapter let me know. I can go with the 20mm pancake to 14mm using a WA - not wider that that.
  • dont recommend using a WA adapter on the 20mm...will strain the motor.
    But ive used the 14mm f2.5 pancake with canon wd-55 to great use...around 200 quid (14mm lens and adapter)
    I also use the 16mm f2.8 + sony wide adapter on my nex 5n (making it around 12mm) great....cost less than 180 quid and is nice and compact.
    Slrmagic are rather get the oly 12mm if paying a premium.
    f1.6 isnt such a big deal.
  • I use the Oly Zuiko 2,8/17mm with a Ricoh 0,75 x wide conversion lens GW-1, linked by a 37mm UVA-Filter without the glass. That filter gives the right distance for the converter for excellent sharpness. The combination preserves the aperture and the AF of the Oly 17mm giving me a guessed 12mm. The Ricoh GW-1 was bought used and UVA is China made. So it's a very cheap measure - costs me 45 € for the Ricoh and 7 € for the filter. I have to add: it's not my invention - Vivek on GetDPIforum published this more than a year ago. His judgement: the combination results in a lens better corrected than the original Oly 17mm - I can just support. People had the fear, the AF of the Oly would be stressed by the additional weight - after longterm use I can deny - the Ricoh adds only 72 g and is tiny.
  • @old_eye

    Interesting solution for wide lens :-)
  • I would like to Cosina (Nokton) has released a fast wide-angle lens, for some reason, this company is not trusted (
  • >for some reason, this company is not trusted (

    Wrong smell? Bad carma?
  • Noktor 12mm f/1.6 VS Olympus 12mm f/2 quick test online in 1hour30.... Stay tune ! :)
  • @sebfarges

    I am waiting already :-)