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Sophisticated Microsoft motion tracking software smooths Hyperlapse Videos

    This is on a number of new sites but i don't think its been posted here. Interesting idea, thoughts?

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  • Pretty cool technology. Would be interesting to see this combined with street view data from Google Maps for more dynamic virtual tours.

  • @Oedipax: Given that Google Street View images were recorded with sort-of-omnidirectional cameras, there should not be as much reason to apply such a sophisticated algorithm to their images to create a time lapse video.

    The technology sure looks cool. I wonder though if there is enough demand in the market to monetize it: Professional videographers can and will use steady-cam equipment for even better results, and amateurs can already achieve useful results with ordinary video stabilizing software. How much money can you ask from action-cam buyers to allow for "extra cool" time lapse clips? And don't forget that most "action sports" are fast paced, so time lapses are often the opposite of what you want to achieve.

  • !

  • My test, im impressed! very fast processing too :

    I deliberately tried some fast panning to see how it reacted, it seems to be slowing the footage when it needs more frames.

  • @Adam_Mercier

    Fun thing can be to hack it to use just as stabilization tool.

  • is there something like this for mac users? this software looks like a lot of traveling fun

  • is there something like this for mac users?

    For Mac users it is lot of ways to run Windows :-)

  • The PC version works pretty well. It helps with image shake as is. Too bad you can't get it without the watermark.

  • Too bad you can't get it without the watermark

    This one is easy


    Download Resource Hacker (it is free stuff) open the file in Hyperlapse folder you see in the title, located the resources marked in red. And replace them with your own PNG file (transparent).

    It is best to run software under admin, so it will have right to wrote to the folder.

    754 x 507 - 159K
  • Hello, i have tested to replace the resources with this but Hyperlapse pro make an error before i can render the clip. You have a solution?

    16 x 16 - 97B
    16 x 16 - 97B
  • It choked on me, too. Hyperlapse prompted me to reinstall. This is not a support request. I can wait until the product is actually on the market. Perhaps then, it will save in 1080 instead of 720.

  • @omega1978

    You got it wrong, I think.

    Save two resources as bin (using RH), rename to PNG, open them in photo editor and not changing size or format make them fully transparent. Load back and replace with new PNG files old resources.

  • I have test it but doesn´t work. Can you upload the modified dll ? Thanks..

  • Downloaded and installed w/o error on window 7 64bit. I've only done one test so far using pivothead footage...i.e , not one of the supported cameras. I did it at 8x fhd. It looked ok but lost alot of contrast and was more like 720. It'll require some more tests with footage shot just for the purpose of this program, cause my footage was just random walking footage not shot with the idea of stabilizing. I had no problems installing and running and didn't have to run as admin.

    and shxt I must be nuts but I didn't see any watermark ! Where is it ?

    Opened up my windows machine ....and ...oh...that watermark ! Must have been concentrating on the video quality over the content hehe ! KInda of makes this ...ah...useless ....and after rewatching my sample, so far, not worth it.