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Zacuto solves HDMI cable issue -- with their rip off rates
  • Looks excellent, but $130? Nah. My entire Shrigg cage and CF rail system was only $150 and my HDMI cable is rock solid.

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  • How about locking hdmi cables instead?

    It doesn't protect the port but at least you won't accidentally stop recording by pulling out the cable during a shot.
  • @bimdas
    Interesting solution. Might work. But it appears to be standard HMDI, not mini.
  • Another option but it looks pricey
  • Zacuto clamp


    My 3D model made according to images (just for fun :-) ):

    762 x 761 - 333K
    608 x 769 - 41K
  • Send it to china...seriously.... *G*

    Here is an L-Plate for GH2 that could be easily modded to secure the HDMI as well.

    You can also get this Cable Relief Spacer from them:

    It plugs to this kind of plates:

    From what I red this is really high quality, so the is no play at all. Quite important in this place...

    And yes, I know.. you end up with more than 200 $, then again it gives you a fixed point to mount stuff onto and from what I red is this combi (with a little DIY added as always..) captable to replace the baseplate.
    You get rid of a rubber elements in between rig and cam. No more slight turing when moving FF.

    Here is how it works, guess for the GH2 you need to raise it a bit more.

    Its slick, isnt it? ;)
  • Don't need send to PRC all they need are the pics from Zacuto site :) - it's only a rip off if you're forced to buy it.

    @vitaliy - you're getting good with that 3D modeling ;)
  • am I the only one in the worl who has NO issue with my HDMI cable coming out?
  • This looks pretty cool actually.

    And I'm surprised at the price. Zacuto is selling something for under $800? ...Blasphemy.
  • Topic slightly cleared to remove all pointless discussion about price.
  • Maybe you should consider moving to Ruige instead... they have a simple piece of plastic that is attached to the backside of the monitor with screws. You put in the cable and lock it with a slider.

    I don't have a photo of it, but you can see the holes for the screws here:
    (taken from here:

  • i want to buy it but i'm in europe and the price would double if i ship it to here, anyone know a dealer in europe?

  • The Zacuto guys are almost as annoying as RED fanboys.

  • A more DIY budget 'solution' to protect your hdmi port and secure your hdmi cable from being pulled out, would be to bundle you cable(s) together with a tie-wrap or velcro and attach that to the strapbelt attachment on your camera. This way the pressure is put on the strapbelt connection instead on you port. This works very well on most DSLR's.

  • Anybody complaing about the price has absolutely know idea what it costs to bring such a product to the market in the US. If u think you can make it cheaper and just as good, then why don't you do it and get rich... The problem is that all the people that complain about the price never actually have manufactured anything and just don't know what they are talking about. If you are manufacturing for such a small market (camera gear) prices will be high. I doubt that the will sell more than 150 units. If manufacturing costs 50% of the retail price, they will make less than $10 000 from it (and u still have the costs of running a business etc.).....

  • @cordvision And yet countless other manufacturers, including a lot in USA somehow make affordable quality products -- unlike Zacuto.

  • @brianluce I would like to hear some names of US manufacturers that are quality wise on par with Zacuto....

  • Redrock has actually rated higher than Zacuto in surveys around the web. Anyways, what's the reason again we have to buy products made in America? If we all felt so strongly about that we probably wouldn't shoot with a Panasonic.

  • @brianluce I don't know of anybody rating redrock higher than Zacuto. I have shot with products from both extensively and eventough redrock is not bad, it's devinitely not on par with Zacuto! Also, as far as I know, Redrock doesn't have lifetime warrany.... You said "countless" manufacturers, and you named only one that isn't even on par quality wise.... See my point now?

  • @cordvision No, there's some great pro stuff out there much cheaper than Zacuto. And I know for a fact their EVF/Loop isn't anything amazing -- and I'd wager it's not 100% made in USA either.

    If a guy is shooting with an Epic or Viper or some such elite camera or if you own a rental house -- presumably that's Zacuto's market, the price of Zacuto gear is incidental, but this is Lumixland, we shoot with a $600 cameras and Zacuto represents an absolutely terrible value relative to other products.

  • @brianluce Why then can't u just name 3-4 of those companies, what's so hard about that?

  • @cordvision @brianluce

    This is not topic about Zacuto and/or Redrock companies. Use PM, please.

  • Alright, I'm done with this topic....