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Vitaliy's works ?
  • Hi Vitaliy, you seem to have some nice ideas about film making (and gear...), I was wondering if there is something you've done that we could watch somewhere on the web.


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  • I do not publish my works :-)
    Most of them are specific documentaries.
    All else are personal things.
    I think that we have here much much better filmmakers.
    I plan to make some public things, but it is too soon. I need to make many things first.
  • ok, thanks.
  • Liberating thousands of Indie film makers is more important imo :D
  • This whole effort incredibly encouraging and hopeful for humanity! Vitaliy you are inspiring people! And from that gesture, many good things that you will never know about will come. So — I write to say thank you on the level of all the things that you will never know about that you have a hand in by making an inspiring device for people who can not afford more.
  • Make it happen, pleeeease Vitaly! I need that 25p so badly. I know you are doing your best, and I know how hard it is. (Some 3 bottles of beer involved, but I speak "from the bottom of my heart")