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240fps @ 720p?
  • So the fs700 does 240fps at 1080p for $6k+... Is it really true that - two years later - there exists no camera that can do it at 720p at a lower cost? Why is that?

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  • @theconformist

    I think you need to check specs for new cameras. I do not remember exactly.

    Such modes depend only on two things - sensor speed and LSI capabilities. Now it is sensor speed that is limit in most situations.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    I've been checking and checking, haha. Seems the new GoPro will do 240 @ 720p (rumored). Beyond that there's nothing. Was real excited about the FZ1000 but it seems they pulled the feature. There's a video of a guy with a pre-production model and he actually showed on the screen the frame rate options, so maybe they will add it in a firmware update if that is possible...