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What lens to use for the combination of GH2+SPEEDBOOSTER+LA7200?
  • hello everyone, i just bought myself the Panasonic LA7200. and i'm shooting on a GH2 with the speedbooster adapter.

    i'm considering of buying these canon FD lens but afraid it might not work; Canon FD 17mm f1.4 and 85mm f1.8

    can anyone with experience of these combination share some advise?


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  • It is best to check anamorphic lenses topics, as you must choose lens as pair to Panasonic LA7200, I do not think speed booster play important role here.

  • I have an optex anamorphic (similar to LA7200) and canon FD 50 1.4 and 24mm 2.8. Best match for me by far is kit lens 14-42 at wider side 17mm aprox. (14mm will vignette). Fds need to be stopped down a lot to get sharp image. 24mm better than 50mm. Speedbooster makes no big difference in image with the anamorphic.

    Those are my tests with lumix G6.