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GH1 remote shutter release doesn't work
  • I have built one of these remote shutter release cables.

    When I connect it to the camera and press the buttons I get no response, nada, nothing. I connected a voltmeter to the connections and observed the following:

    no button depressed 2.2V

    focus 1.0V

    shutter release .6V

    So it seems like my circuit is doing what its supposed to so unless Panny changed the circuit design on this last manufacturing run. WE1BA.... to where different resistor values are needed.

    I am wondering am I missing something basic? Perhaps there is menu item like "enable remote shutter" somewhere that I havent' found yet. or maybe disable external mic? There is no external mic connected.

    Any advice?

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  • forgot to mention, this in on a gh1.
  • I built the mine following this guys intructions and it works well on my gh1.

    Same resistor values as described on the site you found.

    Did you use the 2.5mm 4 conductor plug or the adapter that is mentioned on the site with your circuit ? I used the 2.5mm 4 conductor plug.