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Use DSLR Monitor as 2nd monitor for Mac Pro (2013)
  • Hi everyone,

    I need a portable monitor I could mount on my GH3 or rig it for monitoring my Mac Pro (2013 version). I'd prefer a 9" version but I hope 7" would do the job as well.

    This is what I want to use it for: I'm doing live streaming lessons but I need to monitor Skype at the same time to see what the student is doing. As I'll be completely surrounded by lights and cameras there is no way for me to place my thunderbolt monitor (too many things could go wrong).

    Would it be possible to use a DSLR field monitor for this? And what would be a good choice?

    I don't need colour fidelity, or peaking or any of those features(nice if they're there of course), most important thing is quality of the image and size of the screen: definitely not below 7" and preferably 9" and above.

    I have no idea if dslr monitors can be used this way but I'm sure some of you do!

    Thanks for reading this,


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    Is you Mac Pro has HDMI or DisplayPort (in this case cheap adapter is needed_) it'll work fine.

  • Thanks for the super fast reply @Vitaliy_Kiselev, the new mac has one HDMI 1.4 port so in that case it should work I guess. Awesome! Thanks for the link. 10" is a very nice size for what I want to do i think.