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Someone with similar problema in a transaction at Amazon?
  • On May 1 I bought the 25mm 1.4 PanaLeica to johnebel seller in Amazon, johnebel dispatched the lens via USPS to my address in Miami provided by my freight forwarding company.

    According to USPS they delivered the package on May 5 , this is the date I have dont received the lens, as my freight forwarding company they have not been notified or received the package by USPS , the package seems if the zip code, but not delivered, in UPSPS site dont appear who signed the package delivery, I have written them for send me a scanned image or photo of the invoice and they dont have answered.

    I reported to Amazon but as the package appears as delivered they are not responsible, equally USPS, equally my courier, the seller equally but I pay U$455 for an article I dont have.

    I'm just shortening for give you an idea of the problem . This includes almost U$50 in international calls I made ​​to USPS without success.

    I have thought about the possibility in demand to USPS and freight forwarding company in Miami, but I dont know if this is legally possible

    I bought by amazon many times and never had this problem.

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  • You are rolling the dice unless you purchase anything DIRECTLY from Amazon. Sad to hear that you experienced problems and I hope you get them resolved but moving forward I would suggest purchasing items only sold from Amazon.

  • If USPS has a delivery scan, then more than likely it was delivered to the correct address, though you can't be certain. At this point the responsibility lies with the freight forwarding company. There's nothing left for Amazon or the USPS to do.