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From Darkness to Light - Music Video shot with GH3
  • Just finished my first trance music video. Jasu Jaranka (@jasounited) created a beautiful very unique trance track and it was a pleasure to visualize the story. The video has been shot in a single day with just one prime lens, the beautiful Voightländer 25mm 0.95. We had a minimal crew of 3 people, including myself and a budget of only 200 Euro, which all went into light rental.

    Would be great to here thoughts and feedback. Please watch with headset or good audio system and download file for best quality.

    Camera settings: 50 Mb/s IPB 50fps => 24p timeline, -5 -2 -5 -5 Lights: 1 x Arri Mini-Cyc 800W, 2 x Arri Junior Plus 650 W, 2 x Arri Junior Plus 300 W Post Production: FCPX + FilmConvert

    Acting by: Veronika Herren-Wenger Music by: Jasu Jaranka (Sam Cava Productions) Art direction by: Heidi Wenger Assistance by: Ali Kisaoglu Directing, camera, light design and editing/grading: Christian Wenger

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  • Very nice! Not my music, but the vid was captivating. Very well executed and I like the use of repetition; it's often overlooked these days in music videos as everybody is trying so hard to not be boring, it takes craft and vision to make it work well. A very minor thing; slight difference in color balance (some shots more red, some shots more green). I don't know if there were differing temperatures in the light used or just a slight grading issue. Not that it takes away from the whole experience..

  • @yannis_zach and @RRRR thanks. Differennt Colors are most likely grading issues. Graded this on macbook in different environments, like airplane etc. Do you have any examples with time. @RRRR: so great that you took time to write this feedback, really appreciate

  • @Chris74, if you look closely at skintones throughout you will notice it, I'm sure! I don't recall whether filmconvert has scopes or not, but that's a good assist for consistency.

  • @RRRR I did notice and applied changes. Painful work as I only have a Macbook Pro 2011 and unfortunately I can't use Resolve. All done in FCPX with FilmConvert plugin and endless tweaking. Maybe one day, I will own a powerful computer + good screen.

    Some sample of a correction attached, most of the red issue in skin was in the beginning.

    Thanks again for pointing it out. New version is already on Vimeo :)

    Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 2.33.03 PM.png
    886 x 751 - 613K
  • @Chris74 No worries! :) How come you can't use Resolve? Or do you mean you haven't learned how to use it? I wonder, are there any scopes available for FCPX? Like plugin or such? I'm thinking about getting it (FCPX). Right now, I do most grading in AE on an i5 (2011) iMac. Works fine! :) That said, I'll get a 4k asus monitor come fall and begin using my (2012) beefed macbook pro as the primary working tool. I'm waiting for resolve 11 + some time to refurbish my new office space a.s.o..

  • @RRRR FCPX does have scopes. Regarding Davinci, latest version runs but not usable. All I use it now is to create LUTs which I use in scopebox on set. Creating them is painfully slow on Resolve. Read this from others as well that latest version needs more juice.

  • A very minor thing; slight difference in color balance (some shots more red, some shots more green).


    @Chris74 Despite the music is not my cup of tea by any means, the first third of the video (till old lady starts dancing)
    is simply FANTASTISCH!! Congrats mate, at all levels +)
    I really have to show this to a crazy choreographer/performer I know ,-)

  • @maxr thanks! Let me know what the crazy choreographer/performet thinks