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Using low bitrate for accurate framing and very long shots
  • No, this is no joke!

    Did anybody test how low we can go with the hack? I'm thinking about forcing the camera into record for a long time (for time-lapse, actually) and recording externally with a Ninja. But since we need to have the camera recording to get the same quality via HDMI, this is a bottleneck. There are already solutions for extended power supply and a Ninja can record for hours uninterrupted, but the GH2 needs to stay in record too (the recording will never be used, of course).

    Suggestions for stable values, anyone?


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  • @nomad

    Just try to reduce bitrate.
  • OK, thanks, I tested this carefully.
    I can confirm that I can go down to ridiculously low bitrates (about 1 mbps measured) and keep the camera going for many hours on a 32 GB card. Spanning is no problem. IQ is crap, of course, but that wasn't my aim, the record from the card isn't used anyway. I didn't tweak anything but the bitrate, BTW.

    But now I can keep the camera in recording mode and get the full quality plus image adjustments to HDMI and record long sessions to the Ninja.

    Thank you, Vitaliy !
  • @nomad better to use base setttings on a 32gb card then you have a backup ;-)
  • Under ordinary conditions thats very good advice, but I need whole days of recording here…

    BTW, let me take the chance to thank you personally for all your contributions. The latest version of Intra is gorgeous. We had a burning evening sky today with lots of blackbirds flying in front of it and I recorded it with your latest and my Rokkor 24mm, which is sharp like a knife.

    Looking at it right now – smooth as f…ck! No banding! Pure cinema!
  • @nomad

    Other usage for this can be as follows.
    You can set 24L to very low value and use it to set up all the lights, color, exposure, etc, because doing it in liveview is not best idea.
    Change to 24H and run actual recording.
  • Brilliant idea, thanks!
  • hmm.
    Had not thought of that one.. Good idea Vitaliy.