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FS: Lectrosonics and Sony Wireless transmitter/receivers, tram mic
  • I'm selling a Lectrosonics UCR190 transmitter and corresponding receiver, frequency 539.250, with case, antennas and extra antennas, original lav mic AND Tram mic, A/C adapter. Everything works great; $425 plus shipping; payment through PayPal business payments. NYC area.

    BONUS: I'll throw in a Sony variable frequency transmitter/microphone with cable, antennas, and microphone. I'm not selling this separately but including as a bonus because it is in the 'C' frequency band, around 794-803, which is no longer OK to use in the United States because it's reserved for other uses. But in remote areas or outside the US (check for local frequency access), it should be fine.

    I also have a Sony ECM-77 lav wired/wireless mic that goes with the Sony. It was originally wired only but I had it modified so it can also be used wirelessly with the Sony transmitter. Add $50 for a total of $450 plus shipping and I'll include it as well.

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  • picture, not including but if you like I can post the Sony ECM-77 pic as well.

    P1000497 copy.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 395K
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