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Sanity X Hack GH2 (Awesome & Stable) but quick question about settings.
  • Whoever made this hack thankyou!

    I have a question (as a novice who's an idiot)

    I hear a lot about frame rates and settings... But I just want to know what settings I should have this hack at in 24h smooth cinema mode?

    On my GH2 the only settings I seem to be able to change when filming is through the scroll wheel.

    Next to where it says cinA there's a yellow number that says 2.5? I'm not sure what this represents other than darkness or brightness or frame rate. But what setting should this be with this hack for optimum results?

    When I push the scroll button in it also makes a 0 to +3 which makes the screen go darker or brighter... So I'm unsure where to set things?

    Sorry for the dumb questions but I'm hopeless with this stuff and would appreciate any help. I'm so busy with a kid I just want a simple answer for filming without the hassles.

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  • I'm the author of Sanity. Thank you for the kind words. The numbers you're seeing are just the basic operation of the GH2. They have nothing specific to do with the hack. 'Cin' refers to the fact that you're in Cine mode. The 'A' means the exposure mode is currently set to Aperture. For example, if you changed the exposure mode to Manual, you would see an "M" to the right of 'Cin'. The next number to the right (2.5 in your example) is the current f stop that the lens is set at. The next number to the right is the current shutter speed. In Aperture mode you won't see this number because it's set automatically by the camera. But if you change to Manual mode or Shutter mode, this number will become visible. The number with 0 to +/-3 is for exposure compensation. Each tick represents 1/3 of an f stop. You can use this to temporarily override whatever the auto exposure is giving you.

    Hope that helps.

  • @ Ralph_B Just to let you know Ralph, I used the GH2's with Sanity X as B and C cameras all through the General Assembly session this year and a number of political meetings...usually locked in place and unattended and except for one battery that died, no failures. That's with Sandisk 64/95 cards. Image quality is excellent even in low light, I've always been a Sanity fan but X is the best without any doubt. It takes a little post to match the AC160 to them but X grades very well..........Thanks !

  • @peternap

    Glad that AC160 is working out for you, too!

  • where do I go to get started??? just bought the gh2….thanks!

  • @niki

    Here's a link to download Sanity X:

    For instructions on how to install the hack, here's a link to an external site with a very good tutorial:

  • Hi folks, greetings from Brazil. I am new in GH2 world. I am coming from a Nikon D7000 and I have been absolutely amazing with GH2 video features so far. I have been playing with some hacks and the one that seems to offers a good balance between performance and reliability is the Sanity X, since you can play with a high bitrate and mid bitrate at the patch. But @Ralph_B, I have a question for you:

    If I decide to increase the bitrate in 24L to something around 55-60mb/s, am I going to comprimise its stability? If so, what would be the maximum can I go in terms of bitrate increasing?

    Sorry if my question seems to be too noob... as I said, I am just a GH2 beginner..



  • Hello, is there a working link for the sanity x?

  • @Ralph_B was the responsible for Sanity X, but he has not logged here since April 2020.