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GH2 dead after using 14-42 power zoom
  • Hello everyone!, i dont know if i lost the camera forever or if i can do something to fix it, let´s see if someone has an idea about this problem

    i was using the 14-42 lumix x power zoom, and i wanted to change the lens so i turned off the gh2, waited for the lens to shrink, then i take the lens off the camera body, but the thing is that i then realized that i didn´t wait for the camera to completely turn off before removing the lens, the green LED was on when i deattached the lens off the camera

    after i did this, the camera just died, it doesnt turn ON by any means, i tried with different batteries, with completely charged batteries, with ac power, nothing

    any ideas? :P

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  • I've taken Lumix lens off the working camera and it never did anything also seen other people do it.

  • i know, but the camera was turning off when i deattached the lens, that was the problem, it wasn´t really on and it wasnt really off

  • I understand. Crap situation indeed.

  • Similar things have happened to a number of people with the GH2. After 6 months of ownership mine became lifeless for no apparent reason. Took it out of the camera bag one day and it just refused to activate. Turned out the circuit board had fried. Wasn't worth the expense of servicing as I purchased it grey for $600 and the repairs were going to cost about as much.

    Some have suggested it's caused by the use of non-OEM batteries but I only ever had the original that came with the camera.

  • @lolo: Sorry to hear that!

    If you're looking for a replacement GH2, drop me a line - I have mine for sale here in mint condition with three batteries, in case you're interested.