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GX7 / GM1 - Best Video Settings
  • Since some people showed interest in the GX7's thread sbout opening a Best Video Settings new thread, there it is. And since (in theory) the GM1 have almost the same internals, maybe the settings could work for both - if we discover that it is not the case, a separate thread could be made.

    Feel free to share the settings that you are using and the results - unfortunately I did not have enough time myself to make some research yet :)

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  • Besides making a good white balance i've been using the curves with +2 on shadows and -1 or -2 on hilights. I'm just finishing a music video shot with it, i'm so impressed with the camera that i pre-ordered the GH4 just four months after buying the GX7. (since DVX100 i switched to Canon DSLRs, now back on Panny)

  • @JLemos Share the video when it's ready, if possible. :)

  • @JLemos, do you use the curves regardless of the picture profile or use it in certain condition or with a specific picture profile?

  • @JBraddock We decided to use this camera ditching the Canons right before start shooting the video, so we left it in standard, all at zeros. At the end of the first day i tested the footage and was able to get what i wanted so it was left that way.

  • I see. For now, I use natural and dial down contrast and saturation but I haven't still settle down on a particular settings.

  • I think the image ends up looking pretty bad if you touch the curves too much. At first I was shooting on Natural with +2 shadows and -2 highlights with everything dialed down -2. The reds and oranges seem too bright to me so I was using the the LUT that people were using on the best GH3 setting page to tone them down a bit and it definitely helped. Just to see how it would come out I shot a video of my friend playing guitar. Profile is set on Standard with no adjustments to the curves. I adjusted the colors afterward so it's not a great test but...

  • This is the video I mentioned in the previous post using Natural with +2/-2 curves and everything dialed down -2.

  • @doodsaqdoodsaq Useful tests! What lens have you used in the second video? Very natural look...It seems to be the 12-35 2.8, please correct me if I am wrong..

  • @AlbertZ Thanks! In both videos I used the 12mm SLR Magic and the 25mm Voigtlander. In the second one there are a few shots from the pany 20mm and the 45-200mm.

  • @doodsaq nice nice ... can you please share the link to the LUT... want to check out

  • Hi! What settings could be a good starting point to match the GM1 to GH2 in a controlled environment using daylight?

  • @umla Here's a lut by yak. It is in the "GH3 Best Video Settings" Thread around page 27 but there might be some other ones he made earlier. It really helps on the Gx7 reds, too.

  • @hellrazor Please correct me if I'm wrong but I get the impression that the GH3, the GX7 and the GM1 all have similar "feel," at least in comparison with the GH2. If that's true, Flablo's suggestion of Driftwood's GH3onaGH2 settings might bring you're GH2 footage into the ballpark and then you could figure out what to tweak on the GM1 or in post to get it closer. Let me know if you come up with something that works cause I am planning on using the GX7 with the GH2 soon. Thanks.

  • @doodsaq I agree with you, the overall look of GM1/GX7 seems to be closer to GH3 than GH2 to my eye too.

  • @doodsaq Sounds like a good Idea. I will do test the upcoming week with a color chart.

  • Hi ! Any news on your tests? I'm looking forward for your presets. From now, I don't postprocess videos, I would like to have a non clinical / natural rendering. I have to test more too and will keep you posted.