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Juicedlink DS214 Review
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  • WTF? Why would anyone want something like this? I think it's a total waste of time, money, and hot-shoe space. Just buy an MP3/WAV recorder and run it satellite...

    Almost all of them record better spec audio than cameras, have AGC switchable, various filters, can be placed independently of the camera (VERY important for high quality cinematic sound recording, interviews, camera moves, etc.), can record 5in1 on the fly, occasionally come with HQ mics, and typically cost less than $200. I think the only kind of DSLR shooters who would be interested in the on-camera sound facilities would be lamer home movies of the kids or those who don't know any better. I mean, sure, it CAN be done, but why would you want to limit yourselves so drastically? And this device does what? Just turn off the ACG - who cares?

    My opinion... this is a tool that improves the worst option available to make it still the worst option available - only editable (by flooding the left channel with white noise). And wanna charge the price of a full recording unit for it?

    Yeah, yeah, I know some of you will say you disagree and point to a video that doesn't sound too bad and tell me that it was recorded on-camera. All I can tell you is to read up on audio recording, editing, and look at what any budgeted production does. ;)

    For example, just from one company:

    image image image

    all of which can also use or power external mic(s) and turn off AGC.

  • Any primers of such MP3 recorders?

    You must understand that preamps on JuicedLink are much better. No one prevents you to record output on separate recorder.
  • I dunno what you mean by primer. You mean like a tutorial?

    Also how do you know the preamps are better if you don't know what preamps are being used on the recorders? All 3 of the above for example have preamps. Really good preamps cost thousands.. check out the Sony products for some examples.
  • >I dunno what you mean by primer. You mean like a tutorial?

    Under primers I mean examples of such recorders.
    You post did not have them at the time :-)

    As for Juicedlink preamps. I do not have DS214, but I have DT454.
    And its preamps are way better than preamps in Zoom H4n and Tascam TR100 (and both have best preamps in this range).
    DS214 is good and fast solution is you have camera that can record decent sound (with preamps turned to minimum) like GH2 or Canon cameras with ML.
    I really do not like extremes like "I think it's a total waste of time, money, and hot-shoe space". As all people are different, their tasks are different and your knowledge is never complete. So, do not go to extremes.
  • Yeah, all people are different - that's why I said "I think...." instead of "It is..." :) It puts the extreme in my personal space - based on my personal experience.

    Tascam, M-Audio, Zoom, Fostex, Marantz, Olympus, Sony, Edirol, and Yamaha also make such recording devices. With the DS 214 you're limited to the compressed audio of the camera, and a single monaural audio recording which you must separate from the embedded video, delete left track, and reassemble if I'm not mistaken - right? UG! I guess you can do that in most video editors but ending up with mono and probably some crossover hiss from the white-noise generated track doesn't sound like an optimal solution to me. Again not to mention the logistics of being tied to the camera.

  • Thus this site is "personal view" :)

    GH2 has live audio metering during recording. It wud be super if u can do MF and monitor audio metering on H4n at the same time. I can't. JuicedLink or ART Dual Pre can last for many hours while supplying phantom power to condenser mic. Usually I turn it on and forget about it during entire shooting. Keep the preamp next to the camera so that I can do the live audio monitoring. Perfect sync.

    The ext recorders do have many pros. But I think in-camera recording works better for one person run-n-gun style.

    I'm just waiting for Panasonic to update the firmware that disables AGC completely. You know... AGC level ZERO!!!
  • Yeah, AGC=0 would help a lot. :D

    The H4n has monitoring tho - right? What is the line-out and also headphone jack for?

    I also agree that on-camera audio recording is ideal for some things. But for indy or anything professionally polished feeling (except maybe running through a crowd scene) it's too limiting IMO.

    I dunno, it's just one of those things that stick in my craw... like people saying the G1/2 or GH1/2 (or really any of these M4/3 cameras) are the perfect "pocket camera" when they don't really work for that. It probably shouldn't bug me but whenever I see expensive gadgets for on-camera audio I can't help but wince. Maybe it's because of too much time in television studios and movie sets where on-camera audio would just be considered absurd. Oh well, I'll get over it. :)
  • Either way is fine. Who knows? I might get next gen zoom recorder :)

    BTW get a deep pocket...
  • AGC is a pain in the ass indeed. You don't need extraordinary preamps if you are using good condensed mics. I was very disappointed with my Tascam behavior until I got some good mics. And the wise ppl at bnh offered a great solution for sending the audio through to GH2 with a special Db reducing cable for DSLRS 3.5 to 2.5 mm. No adapters needed.
  • There's a credible engineer named John Faihurst that did some comparison with the Juicedlink option and some of the various Zoom h4n type recorders. Using a 5d, he got the best results from the Juicedlink, no doubt because of the nice preamps.
  • >There's a credible engineer named John Faihurst that did some comparison with the Juicedlink

    I think that he compared recorders with CX preamp, as far as I remember, not to DS.

    Other useful video: