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GH2 - remove 30 minute time limit
  • Hi there. First of all thanks alot for all the work that so many people put into this website/forum. I'm only starting out 2 years or so, but so far this place has been very helpful.

    For an upcoming wedding service I'm about to film I really like to get rid of the european 30 min. recording limit. My SD card is the 32GB extreme pro 45MB/s, of which I've read not particular good reviews on for using them for hacking the Gh2.

    Is there a way I'd be able to shoot for at least 75 min. on this card (regarding both size and speed)?

    Help would be very nice.


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    Download Ptool, firmware and just check proper checkbox, upload firmware to camera.

  • @Matthijs

    As I understand, your worries are fitting a long ceremony on same card, and ensuring that spanning (due to 4GB FAT32 limit) works in case a continuous take is needed?

    If so, and if in a hurry to get stable settings for the event, first thing to test is just removing the time limit and leaving other settings at stock, and test for spanning by filming a long continuous take. Hour should be enough, or however long you expect the longest take to last.

    Which mode will you be using, 24fps, 25fps or some other?

    FWIW, I've used SanDisk 16GB 45MB/s cards, those can perform well on moderate settings.

  • With the original panasonic .bin file there's only the last patch available. That's 'spanmybitchupv2b for v1.1 on 'J'.

    Do I need to use this one? Is this the 'lowest' one?

  • By the way I'm planning on shooting 24P.

  • Forget what I just said.

    Can I select just the time limit removal --> deselect the rest --> still record 24p unhacked??

  • @Matthijs

    Just read my post above.

  • @Matthijs

    That's exactly what I've sometimes done for documenting events.

    24p has generally been the mode with least technical problems. It's good to test spanning before the event though, just to be sure.

    As for how much time will fit on the card: stock GH2 records 24p at 24 megabits (3 megabytes) per second. You asked for 75 minutes, that is 4500 seconds, times 3 megabytes makes it 13 500 megabytes. So unless this calculation is somehow incredibly flawed, you have nothing to worry about in that regard, except maybe card failure, as unlikely as that may be. But, if you're shooting on stock 24Mbps setting, almost any class 10 card should work well. Good to have a few for backup.