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Deal wish list for associated BMD products
  • I'm new to this site but already have benefited from some fantastic deals on some quality products (thanks Vasiliy!). I've currently got a list of additional items that I will pull the trigger on as soon as funds allow.

    There are, however, a few of items that I would dearly love to get a deal on and can't seem turn any up in various searches.

    As the title suggests I'm interested in Black Magic Design (Cinema, Production,Pocket) cameras. One area that I'm on the constant hunt for is consumables, specifically BMD compliant SSDs (240 and 480GB) and to a lesser extent batteries (in my case V mount, but others may be chasing AB or others) .

    Another item would be an affordable 3G SDI equipped 24p monitor.

    Also affordable "technical" cables and conectors eg. SDI, lemo etc

    Any help would be appreciated