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Problems with vimeo - seeking alternative
  • Having problems with my vimeo account - anyone care to suggest an alternative that I can upload password protected cuts to for client approvals? Thanks very much.

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  • YouTube offers "private" and "unlisted" options.

  • Vimeo is pretty bad, the top resolution of YouTube is your best alternative. I only keep my Vimeo acct so ppl can download the original, but it might be cheaper to just rent the cloud. For example Dumptruck has password protection with a few Gb for free.

    On Firefox, and sometimes with other browsers, the audio is out of sync with the video on Vimeo. This looks really bad, professionally. They have fixed some of the audio problems, but not others. YouTube doesn't have these problems, AFAIK.

  • I quit using vimeo also was having problems with the audio sync also

  • Thanks all. Gonna try dumptruck, as 5gb storage should be plenty.