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WALLEY POS-86 camera
  • 9 Replies sorted by
  • THAT'S how to do a marketing video! Laughed till I cried.

  • Revolutionary. Just pre-ordered 10 units.

  • Impressive features! I'm gonna pair it with this oldie Goldie:

  • Let's just hope they don't over promise and under deliver like some others we know.

  • Such amaze, many wants!

  • I've heard that it have some problems with "skin tones".

  • I've looked at all the examples on Youtube, in highest quality fidelity. It can't beat the color science on my Fanon 9D, and still has that video-like Walley image.

    They didn't even bother to include s-LUT Curves for professional cinematic look. Mr. Gloom said on his blog that every real filmmaker uses s-LUT on the set. This camera has none.

    This is useless unless the TK-421 hack comes out for it.

  • Once Zakutto makes a custom cage and shoulder rig for it, I'll be set. Oh and I heard the heat sink for the processor doubles as a hot dog grill, so you can cook lunch while you film.

  • LOL, just saw this today! Gold. I wonder what POS stands for? ;-)