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Magic 'Lantern' Hour, 5D Mark III tests at dawn
  • Just a short video shot Sunday Early AM pre dawn and thru magic hour, Wanted to test out Magic Lantern RAW on my Mark iii. And see how it handles these conditions. Some very impressive things for a camera in this class. And with a little finesse and production values it could shine with cameras two-four times its price. This was shot with three lenses on a 5d Mark iii. The downloaded version is much better than the Vimeo encode, so please watch their for a more accurate representation (no banding).

    Canon 24-105L Canon 70-200L Rokinon 14mm

    No gear except camera tripod and lenses. Hope to do some more creative uses coming up.

    Color graded and edited in Davinci Resolve Lite using a mix of Cinelog LUTs, and Vision Color LUTs. Very light noise reduction on the early shots applied with neat video, and a small level of grain added throughout the video to give it a a little filmish kick. Download original to get a much better idea of grain appeal. I myself have come from GH2 land and so the raw experience has been a joy. I personally enjoy the color grading process so it is very nice to have all the latitude and detail to work with.

    Any comments or questions, don't hesitate to ask.