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A train journey through India with my GH2 and no hack
  • A video made with footage shot in April 2013 on a luxury train tour through Maharashtra.

    Took me forever to edit wading through hundreds of clips! Second time I have used Magic Bullet Looks and first time using Warp Stabilizer in Premiere Pro CS6, lots of the footage was shaky because it was mostly filmed on a moving train (and my camera movement was pretty terrible at times but this was definitely a run/sprint and gun scenario).

    Pretty happy with the outcome altho the laptop I coloured the film on is quite yellow it seems. Still not using a hack...

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  • Looks great! What lenses did you use and which was your favorite?

  • @DanPV Cheers again. I used the panasonic 14mm pancake lens, the 14-140mm video zoom and a 50mm F1.4 Canon FD mount (maybe). The 14-140mm is most useful as long as there is plenty of light and it has image stabilisation which makes a big difference, but the AF is (really really) cruddy at times, whacking in and out of focus. Without something to see the screens better it's hit or miss whether focus was good in each shot. My favourite lens is the panasonic LEICA 25mm F1.4 which I bought after this trip. Great for capturing people and in lower light scenarios.

  • Nice film!

  • @GMC thanks! Just about to post another :)