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Varavon BirdyCam gimbal
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  • how much is the load weight?

  • Also interested in the max load weight. Also since they are using Alexmos boards are they using or plan to upgrade to the Alexmos 32-bits board with dual IMUs for better stabilization?

  • @peaceonearth @HillTop1

    I'll talk with their tech guys soon again and let you know.

  • I've been looking into this gimbal a bit since NAB and besides the product information on (varavon) this is what I found out from a representative at Varavon:

    1. It uses Alexmos 32 Bit
    2. Max load is 2.5kg
    3. It uses two batteries simultaneously giving about 1hr shooting time in total
    4. Firmware will be upgradeable
    5. Price is not confirmed yet but will be less than $2,300 (hopefully $2,000 or less)
    6. Won't be available to buy until end of May

    I think for $2,000 it's a good deal (in comparison to the competition) in that it comes assembled and everything looks well made. I only hope they can assist users with setting the best PID settings for their cameras.

  • Website says $1950 - if it works, this could be awesome

  • has anyone bit the bullet on this thing yet? looks very promising. doesnt look as smooth as the movie though.

  • @MRfanny

    It is not selling yet :-) Delayed and delayed.

  • I like the design updates, hopefully the tubes won't introduce any slipping, plus it would be nice to know that the first buyers won't be treated as beta testers (a common practice amongst many companies, not pointing any fingers at Varavon, they have amazing customer support) and other competitive gimbals are being delayed as well, but it would be great if they made it in the next 1-2 months.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev, any idea/guestimation when this could hit the market. I told myself this is probably that gimbal I will be buying. Being waiting hoping for to hit the market before the start of my wedding season; next month. Long delays might just push me to jump on the came 7000.

  • any idea/guestimation when this could hit the market.

    Next month, and we will get first batch to our deals :-)

  • Great thanks! Can you also please ask or confirm with them if it will be the running or potential upgrade to the Alexmos 32-bit boards with dual IMUs prior to lunch?

  • Any chance Varavon could send these things pre - programmed since I've heard that you'll spend most of your time programming the Alexmos?

  • @SuperSet

    It is ready to run thing.

    Btw, they upped price to $2300. I do not agree with decision, but it I it up to them.

  • or preorder now for $300 discount.

  • @PixCanFly

    Or use our deals :-) Even better.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Is the birdycam available in deals now?

  • @SuperSet

    It'll be as it'll be actually available. Varavon delayed actual shipments around 7-8 times. So it is good idea to wait for actual first batch.

  • This looks awesome, and for that price amazing - that fucking puppet LaForet can shove his 'gamechanger' up his ass. lol

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Sounds great. I have funds set aside so ready when you are. And just to make sure I understand you correctly... this sucker's ready to go out of the box? I thought those AlexMos boards have to be programmed with the camera weight for balancing.

  • This is one of the better presentation videos, the one with the girl walking around. No color treatment, no fancy neverending shots, just the right stuff that I personally needed to see, including some medium shots.

    No point in using these things if you can't pull off medium shots.

    I believe I'm sold on this, and I hope it releases soon.

    Will be checking this space for the PV deals.

  • I pre ordered this one, got my tracking number this day, exciting!

  • dang. that is exciting. pls show up on special deals soon, crosses fingers

    edit: official price from varavon ended up being $2680 shipped