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Scottish Music
  • One of my favorite kinds of music is Scottish music.

    I often have this issue which is that there is sunlight coming through a window (or two side windows), and spotlights on the stage. Currently using secondary correction for this but it is always difficult when the light mixes. As the session goes on, the sunlight moves from left to right.

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  • Nice, transitions are very subtle and the music is beautiful. There is some low end noise audible in first minute and a half or so, before violin and viola bowing starts, maybe traffic noises? It is a bit distracting, a slight bit of high pass EQ might help, just for that part and automate it out after?

  • Ha! You must have good headphones or a subwoofer. That's a combination of traffic and airplane, and I applied a bit of EQ but a lot of it is white noise, so I didn't push it. On my 12" subwoofer it makes an odd sound, for sure. Sort of a choice between noise and slightly processed sound, but you are right I could have dialed it back using automation.