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Dreams which worry you...
  • Anyone had any worry-dreams? You know, the sort where you are involved in something really worrying, and hope you don't wake up and find out it's happening for real.

    Last night I dreamed I was trying to do a video in a very run-down house. I was glad I'd brought a little bag of all sorts of weird CFL light bulbs because the ones in the house were very dim little incandescent bulbs, hanging down from random places in the ceiling, and they were all different fittings I'd never seen before. Then some news people arrived and set up a studio complete with lighting. They asked me to record the programme on my GH2, which surprised me a bit. I was really worried because I wasn't planning to do this and I wondered how much charge the camera had - and why they couldn't record it themselves. So every time they played something pre-recorded into the show (I guessed they'd already have that bit recorded so I wouldn't need to capture it again) I would go off to a back room to save files to make sure I wasn't going to miss any of the live stuff. The LCD was showing a graphic with bottles of milk, with a huge milk-churn showing the total capacity remaining on the SD card. But I couldn't get back into the studio for the next live sequence so I recorded it all off a monitor. I didn't have a tripod either - so the whole thing was shaky, and I was wondering how they were going to use any of this. I was thinking there would be terrible moire all over it, videoing off a screen. I never found out, as I woke up at that point...! Thank god.

    I used to have recurring worry-dreams all the time at the BBC, as did other people, so I can't be the only one here who's had one. Anyone else care to share theirs?

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  • Have a nice, hot bath my friend :)

  • I had the next best thing - lots of wine!