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How much is your GH1 or GH2 worth?
  • I don't know if I got a good price or bad price, but I recently sold one of my GH2's and my GH1 (both unhacked)
    Bodies only.
    730 and 390. They sold extremely fast too. Less than a day.

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  • Yeah that's about right from what I've seen. The GH1's are still going quick to the no budget filmmaker and the PAL people, but you won't get much more for what you sold it for. The GH2 was about roped out as well from what I've seen.
  • I bought two off the facebook sale closeout and if I can sell it for $390 or $400, I'm making a few bucks profit. I'm going to try and put one on craigslist for $400 and put that towards a GH2. If I can get the first sold, I'll try and do the last before the end of the year so I can have two Gh2s.