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GH3 HDMI Progressive possible?
  • So I've read and read and I still can't find a solid, up-to-date answer to this question. Can the GH3 output true 24p out of the HDMI to send to a mixer or recorder? @driftwood @kavadni

    It seems that some people say that it's possible with Viera Link turned off and resolution set to AUTO, but other say that doesn't work. I have some live shoots coming up where I'll need to feed a mixer 24p, and need to decide if something like an Atomos Connect is necessary for pulldown removal. I don't need SDI for run length, so I'd only be using these (in a practical sense) for pulldown removal.

    Can anyone tell me if this is necessary with the most up to date firmware?

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  • and my problem is the same,I tried all possibilities, unfortunately GH3 signal out on HDMI only INTERLACE..

  • @kupchenpo My experience with the mini recorder ultrastudio is either 1080i50 or 720p50 (I'm in PAL region). If anyone has a way to make it work I would sure like to know about it as well

  • Has anyone tried the Atomos Connect HDMI-to-SDI H2S? Does the pulldown removal work well?