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5306 F ANTS-dolby
    Maria Peszek
    Miłość w systemie Dolby Surround
    from 2008 Album – Maria Awaria

    This video it's a bit older, rec and edit in the Spring of 2012. I remember being very interested in studying the natural motion/flow of things and also the macro world and then developing ways of interacting/intersecting/mixing/reacting (along) with it. Many stupid things happened, lots of fun =)

    If you figure out the dizzy busy society of bustling beings that get visited by a stiffy happy grinning flaneur fish as a tiny metaphor of nowadays, it's happening in your head only, these are just ants :P

    The guy in the background is encouraging me to put my dick instead, that's the level... At least you can listen a nice song by the wonderful Maria Peszek. @MarcioK filmed with our Hx9v + some zoom front element as magnifier.


    I wonder if they will accept it in nAT GEO channel...