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Olympus LS-3 vs Tascam dr 05 with Lavalier mic
  • There are same reviews and test of this recorders online. However I can't find any info about Lav mic floor noise difference. I had a chance to check Tascam but I can't test Ls-3. Olympus is a little bit more expancive and has good reviews. Had anyone use or compere them two with clip/Lavalier mic? I know they cheap solution and I don't expect Hi-end here. Id like to know if its worth to het Ls3 over Dr-05?

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  • I think they must be very similar. Check your lavalier specs to try to find one with good quality and sensitive.

  • I have few mics (including Etm 006 which works OK with DR-05). I need one more recorder and I was/Im really wonder if Ls3 is worth to pay extra. Well... I will know soon...ordered one. I hope it sounds amazing;)

  • Good decision - As you already have a DR-05. I like the LS-3 (I am using it since many months together with a Sennheiser ME 2 mic + Adapter). Very high quality built and also very handy features. Only the internal mics are not perfect. But hey - That´s more or less "normal" with cheaper models (with such a small form factor).

    Especially the long running time is nice. And it´s also one of the smallest units out there you can use properly with external mics (also used the Rode VideoMic Pro already with it - it´s running like a charm). You can btw. also use it for taking notes (as it´s as small as such a device). And it features a USB MIC function (just to mention it too). So it´s a more "universal" unit (as I am sure, you´ll like it) ^^.

  • Thanks @Tscheckoff . Thats a good news because Me2 is not that sensitive. Liv mic its the only use for me with this recorders so this is main factor for me.

    How long it records on one set of batteries?

  • Good question (about the running time) - EXTREMELY long. I am using still the original AAA rechargable batteries (you can charge over the USB port). And I used it nearly a whole week without a recharge (with many hours of usage every day). VERY nice compared to other recorders which are using / need standard batteries. (And where the batteries are dead quite fast.)

  • I already pointed on two good small recorders - Olympus DM-620 and Panasonic RR-XR800 . They can be found cheap if you are patient and search good.

  • Would we consider Olympus DM-620 as better preamp for lav then Ls3? Preamp quality is more important for now then price which Btw for DM-620 is in EU €220 and in US $80. (can't find this panasonic)

  • To aware my question: Preamp in both recorders works similar not to say the same. Tested on 2 the same mice.