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New product that will increase your production value: Paerticles
  • Hey!

    I'm an old GH2 users because of this site and like probably many of you.

    I just wanted to say that I've just released a new very exciting product I've designed called Paerticles which is a package of 4k stock footage with some really high quality particles in different styles, amounts and winds. It can really be used in every single project since particles really takes your image further to a cinematic look, at least in my and Zack Snyder's opinion. Here's a link to the product where you can read a lot more about it:

    Here's the trailer and the preview for the product, hope you'll enjoy it!

    And here's an introduction where I show you how you can use the product!

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  • @davidhjlindberg Hi David, I've enjoyed your work and posts in the past. I'm not too familiar with the use of particles. What is the visual goal with adding particles? Is it to add snow to shots? Is it supposed to be how dust will occasionally be floating through air and light will catch it? Or is it just something that seems to be something in itself that is cinematic looking?

    Thanks, Matt

  • @matt_gh2 Hey man, thanks for the kind words!

    As you can see in the trailer and the introduction it doesn't have to be snow, and actually I think just floating dust is even more useful 'cause you can add this in basically any scene.

    A great example of this effect in feature films can be seen in the new 300. Just look at all the scenes in this trailer and you'll see that they have used particles a lot. Especially look at the dialogue scenes in 0:39-0:43.

  • I always like a little bit of dust particles here and there. good work

  • I don't want to rain on your parade, but a few minutes playing with even a basic system like Particle World can achieve these effects....

  • @davidhjlindberg Thanks for posting trailer. I see particles at :39-:43 as you said but still don't get how they work with storytellling. Maybe it's a sci-fi thing...or something modern I've missed...a way of saying the character's emotions are becoming unhinged as story is now starting to whirlwind out of control....? Lol. Maybe someone can explain to me. (Your product looks like it does this feature nicely though.)

  • It's just atmospherics. You can use them to create surrealism, a sense of ancient rugged times when warming fires always smoldered throughout the villages to warm or vend mutton, or even a modern urban landscape on the eastern seaboard in February. Just another tool.

  • Figured it was something like that - thanks.

  • @AdamT Absolutely. This product is mainly for people who don't have knowledge in 3d/composition softwares and how to create particles themselves. If you know how to create particles in a good way and think it looks as good as my pack you should stick with your own stuff for sure.

    @matt_gh2 Yeah, as @brianl said it's a way of creating some nice atmosphere and in my opinion creating a more cinematic look.

  • How much is it?

  • I did a tutorial on how to create this effect!

  • @davidhjlindberg Thanks! And I miss your old color grading tutorial so please bring them back.